2019 Stitching Plans

This is what I have decided on for projects that I will stitch in 2019. I plan on putting the following pieces into some kind of rotation.

So far I have six current rotation pieces that are staying in the rotation:

Artist - Stephen Michael Gardner
Dinosaurs! updates
First Stitch 01/15/12
Progress as of 09/16/18

The Enchanted Christmas Snowman
Artist - Dona Gelsinger
Progress as of 06/17/18

Full Bloom

Designer - Cross-Stitch-Art
Full Bloom updates
First Stitch 01/03/12
Progress as of 08/19/18

Fun Every Day updates
First Stitch 01/01/16
Progress as of 12/30/18

Designer - Armada Designs
Nintendo updates
First Stitch 03/26/18
Progress as of 09/09/18

Rose of Sharon
Design Connection
First Stitch 01/10/12
Progress as of 08/12/18

Alos adding one back into the rotation from long ago:

Twisted Rainbow Sampler
First Stitch 01/01/16
Progress as of 03/12/16 

And adding in ninish (so far) new starts for 2019:

Bunny in the Cup
Started 03/20/19
Finished 04/04/19
Bunny in a Cup updates

Horrific Halloween
Started 01/08/19
Horrific Halloween updates

Started 01/21/19
Jingles updates

Mini Bunny Series
Designer - Eileen Gurak

Started 01/02/19
Mini Bunny Series updates

for 2019 x 4

Pretty Little Chicago
Quilt Block Sampler SAL

You Are Loved
Started 07/01/19
You Are Loved updates

Zombie Bunny
Started 06/24/19
Finished 06/29/19
Zombie Bunny updates


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