2020 XS Plans

These are the projects that I have decided on for 2020.

It is probably an unrealistic list but I guess that makes it a more interesting (or challenging) list.

Right now I have six pieces that I worked on in the past that I hope to work on in 2020:

Artist - Stephen Michael Gardner
First Stitch 01/15/12
Progress as of 09/16/18

Designer - Stoney Creek 

First Stitch  01/07/19
Finished 06/15/20

First Stitch 03/26/18
Progress as of  07/05/20
Designer - Satsuma Street

Progress as of 07/19/20

Rose of Sharon
Design Connection


First Stitch 01/10/12
Progress as of 08/16/20

The Enchanted Christmas Snowman
Artist - Dona Gelsinger
Heaven and Earth Designs

First Stitch 06/09/18
Progress as of 06/17/18
Not touched in 2020

I am planning to add in these eight new starts for 2020. A couple will be finished off rather quickly but two or three will be long term projects.

A Year of Celebrations
Designer - Hands on Design
Each Section Stitched Individually
Not touched in 2020

Designer - Lizzie*Kate
Finished 06/23/20

Easter Row
Designer - Bent Creek
Designer - Marilyn and Jackie's Collectibles
First Stitch 02/10/20
Last Stitched on 03/08/20

Quilt Block Sampler
Designer - Stitching the Night Away

First Stitch 03/31/20
Last Stitched on 10/18/20

Shades of Gold
Designer - Northern Expressions Needlework
Not Stitched

The Flower A Day SAL
Designer - Carolyn Manning
Not Stitched

Designer - Carolyn Manning
Finished 03/15/20

To see the progress pictures of any of the pieces
above please follow the title which is a link!

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