Sunday, January 21, 2018

My Sunday Stitchy Update 01/21/18

This weekend was International Hermit and Stitch Weekend and I managed to get in some stitching!

What is IHSW you ask?

Glad you asked, this is the group explanation:

"International Hermit and Stitch Weekend takes place every 3rd full weekend of each month, from Friday till Sunday. In our very busy and hectic lives, IHSW is a chance for us to squirrel some time away for ourselves and "Hermit and Stitch." It is a time set aside to take care of us and our love for stitching."

For those of you on Facebook you can join in the fun by joining the group

This is the piece I worked on for IHSW

Christmas Rules
Designer - Lizzie*Kate
this was where
I was on Friday

and this is my
progress as of 01/21/18

Part 1 of  13 complete!

There is no backstitch outlines on the Rules charts but I am thinking the snowman may need to be outlined so he can be seen better.  Maybe a light grey color? What do you guys think?

Also I have decided to be a dropout! I quit the Stitch from Stash challenge! ha ha I have NOT bought anything and have no plans to but have decided that I don't "feel" like I need to submit a file every month to say that.

Well back to stitching some rules... hope I can get Rule One completed this week!

Thanks for taking a peek at my stitching
see ya next week with another faithful update!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Puzzling Wednesday 01/17/18

This week I completed one of my Wasgij Puzzles! 

These are so fun because the picture on the box in not the solution. This is in the Destiny Series and the description on the box is 

"Rock n Roll used to be the cool craze – Guys with slicked back hair and leather jackets whilst the girls back-combed and sprayed to get their hair as big and beautiful as they could. But how will the change in trends effect these rock n rollers?"

Rock Around the Clock!
Destiny Collection #7
This first picture it the
one that is on the puzzle box

and this one is the puzzle solution!
Piece Count - 1,000
Size 27 x 19
Used Puzzle
First Piece 01/08/18
Last Piece 01/14/18

I think all in all they fared pretty well! 

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

My Sunday Stitchy Update 01/14/18

Happy Sunday Everyone! 

I hope everyone is still stitching away on their plans for the year! I always love the beginning of the year as it is full of excitement and hope of finishing lots of projects!

First up, a finish!

Well Hello There!
Designer - Hands On Design
First Stitch 01/07/18
Last Stitch 01/11/18

I love this series because they are such quick stitches.

Next up is a one of my new starts for the year.

Christmas Rules
Designer - Lizzie*Kate
First Stitch 01/12/18
Progress as of 01/14/18

I don't know if you can see the start of a snowman over there on the left right above the snow? I think I am about to rip him out and change the color to B5200 the DMC Bright White. Right now it is a cream color and I didn't think of a floss toss before I started. At least it is a quick and easy fix but I will probably still use the DMC 712 for the letters because they will be boxed in with other colors.

Normally I switch projects on Mondays but I am keeping this out since I started it late in the week and I want to rip out the snowman while it is on my mind!

Next weekend is hermiting weekend! YAY So be ready to hermit and stitch the weekend away and I will be looking forward to your hermitting posts!

Thanks for taking a peek at my stitching
see ya next week with another faithful update!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Puzzling Wednesday 01/10/18

It has been a while since I had my last puzzle finish!

This one took forever and then some! Of course the holidays were in there so I didn't work on it as often and then something about the "brush strokes" gave me a mental block when looking at the puzzle! I think I just couldn't focus without a clear picture. But it is FINALLY finished!

Artist - Ernest Marza
Piece Count - 1,000
Size 19 x 28
Used Puzzle
First Piece 12/13/17
Last Piece 01/06/18

Sad that there is one piece missing though and in such an obvious spot!

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Monday, January 08, 2018

2018 WIPocalypse Introduction

I decided to join the 2018 WIPocalypse.

I know I am a little late but better late than never?! ha ha I have participated in this SAL but have been a "drop-out" since 2014.

Anyways in case you don't know what it is all about I will "try" to explain it as I know it.  It is a way for Stitcher's to summarize during the weekend of every full moon what they have stitched since the last full moon. It doesn't matter what you stitch (WIPs, UFOs or new starts) or how much you stitch (one stitch or a million); if you have stitched, you are welcome to make a post and link it on Measi's Musing's WIPocalypse Page! Pretty simple huh?

Also there will be a monthly question or topic to answer and/or talk about so we can all get to know each other better! I am pretty sure answering this is optional though so don't let that scare you off.

So the first topic is...

Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

My name is Faith and I am the very proud mother of two adult children and one wonderful grandson. We are originally from the Chicago, IL area and moved to Tucson, AZ a couple of years ago and LOVE it! 

Additionally we have four dogs, one turtle and a bird! You can see a couple of pictures of them here.

I have been cross stitching since 1995 and have taken time off here and there whenever my mojo has decided to go on vacation. Luckily it always returns but it brings back more projects (souvenirs?) to stitch! I also like to TRY other crafty things and am currently gaining the courage and collecting advice from friends to make a quilt. I also LOVE to assemble jigsaw puzzles and have really gotten into it over the past year.

As for my "planned" projects
for 2018 this is my list!
(in alphabetical order)

  • A-Mazing Friends SAL, Ursula Michael, started March 2016, last stitched April 2016 (will probably toss)
  • Beaded Elegance Ornaments, Dimensions Kit, started November 2004, last stitched January 2014
  • Christmas Rules, Lizzie*Kate, plan to start in 2018
  • Dinosaurs!, Flumpkin X-Stitchers, started January 2012, last stitched August 2016
  • The Enchanted Christmas Snowman, HaED, plan to start in 2018
  • Flowers of the Month, EMS, started July 2012, last stitched July 2012
  • Fractal Bookmark 405, Cross Stitch Collectibles, started June 2015, last stitched June 2015 (will probably toss)
  • From My Heart to Yours, Carla Rizzie, started February 2011, last stitched January 2011
  • Full Bloom, Cross-Stitch-Art, started January 2012, last stitched January 2016
  • Fun Every Day, SamSarah Design Studio, started January 2016, last stitched April 2016
  • The Golden Girls, WeeLittleStitches, plan to start in 2018
  • Halloween Banner, Stoney Creek, plan to start in 2018
  • His Name Is Jesus, Joyful Expressions, started January 2012, last stitched June 2012
  • Nintendo SAL, Armada Designs, plan to start in 2018
  • Rose of Sharon, Design Connection, started January 2012, last stitched March 2014
  • Stained Glass, Love Thy Thread, started June 2014, last stitched August 2014
  • Super…docious, Sue Hillis, plan to start in 2018
  • Twisted Rainbow Sampler, Northern Expressions Needlework, started January 2016, last stitched March 2016
  • Well Hello There! Monthly Series, Hands on Design, 2 more months to do!

The list seems so long to me but I guess it is not that long.  I hope to make some good progress on these this year and hopefully even put one or two in the finished pile!

I think all of the ones that are started already can be seen on my WIPs /UFOs page.

If you would like to find out more
or sign up for the 2018 WIPocalypse

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see ya next time!