Sunday, May 19, 2024

My Sunday Stitchy Update 05/19/24

Good Afternoon Friends! 

I hope that you are doing well today and that you had an awesome crafty week. Our weather has been on the warm side. We have been in the 90s with yesterday having the high temperature of 98℉ and it is still only spring!  I think that the news said this is the earliest we have been this hot. Can't wait to see what the summer brings. I did read somewhere that everywhere in the U.S. will be above average. I guess it will be time for many to hibernate.

Now on to the stitching! This week I had a pretty good one and got quite a bit finished.  Though there was one giving me a big headache! LOL 

First up was a holdover from last week, the Winter SAL.  I am usually way behind on SALs because I do them at my own pace rather that someone else's. Also I normally collect all the parts before I even start because once I was stitching one of those mystery SALs with a group and when we got about halfway I decided I hated the design. All that time invested in it, wasted! I think I cut off the unused part of the fabric and threw the rest away!

Winter 2024 SAL
Designer - Alyssa
Progress 05/12/24
Added 273 stitches this week

Then I worked on The Enchanted Christmas Snowman for a few days. When I was first gifted this chart I was so excited! I started it and did quite a bit but then had to move on to other things with the promise of coming back to it someday! Well it is NOW someday but it is giving me lots of headaches. The section I am working on now are nothing but confetti stitches! Nooooo!! I work one or two stitches in each section and then I have to switch to a new floss color. It is so time consuming. It actually took me two days to stitch 87 stitches. I can't wait to get to a big block of color! 

The Enchanted Christmas Snowman
Progress 05/16/24
147 stitches added
I need to come back to this one and add 53 more stitches before the end of the month.

I then worked on my very simple Home is Where the Dog Is piece. On this one there are NO color changes so I just get to keep on stitching and stitching! But oh so much solid black which makes it pretty boring which is why I take it to my Stitching Group to work on because there are lots of distractions there!! 

Home is Where the Dog Is
Daily Cross Stitch
Progress 05/14/24
154 stitches added this week.

Then I worked on a piece that I am doing on plastic canvas, Vase of Flowers. It goes pretty fast when working on plastic canvas and since this will be a bookmark I felt that plastic was the way to go for durability.

Vase of Flowers
Progress 05/17/24
added 225 stitches to this one

Then I decided to wrap up the week with Flowers of the Month. I like these but they are just a little bit time consuming too. Luckily for me they have more than one or two stitched per color in each area. 

Flowers of the Month
June, Wild Rose
Progress 05/18/24
211 stitches added here

That is a total of 1.010 stitches for the week!

If you are still here... Thanks!
I think I probably "talked" your ear off!

I can try to do it again next week to so...

Please come back then
and we will do it again!


Sunday, May 12, 2024

My Sunday Stitchy Update 05/12/24

Welcome to my place today! 

To the Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Sisters, Brothers, Aunts, Uncles, and Friends along with all the others who stepped in as a mother or caretaker of children...

H A P P Y   M O T H E R S   D A Y !
Know that you are truly appreciated.

This week I spent my time stitching on the following projects. 

My Christmas Ornaments for my family the year. I am going to have to start getting some more stitches in on these if I want them finished for Christmas! 

Small Christmas Ornaments

Progress 05/06/24
211 stitches added

Then I picked up my Blackwork piece to stitch next. This is the second page finished out of six. I think all the rest of the pages are partials.

2024 Blackwork SAL
Progress 05/09/24
203 stitches added

Then I spent a couple of days working on Home is Where the Dog Is! I kept messing up the stitching and having to frog over and over again! I just couldn't get the words on the bottom to line up right. 

Home is Where the Dog Is
Progress 05/10/24
122 stitches added

So that is it on the stitching front! I added a total of 536 stitches this week. I was in a stitching slump for part of the week and didn't even want to stitch. I was only putting in enough stitches each day so I wouldn't break my streak, but I think I am over it now!

I hope you had a great week and enjoyed some stitching time too!

I hope to see you again next week
with another faithful update!

Sunday, May 05, 2024

My Sunday Stitchy Update 05/05/24

Hi everyone! 

Happy Cinco de Mayo Day! That is Spanish meaning "Fifth of May" and it is a yearly celebration held on, yes you guessed it; May 5 to celebrate Mexico's victory over the Second French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

The strange thing about the day is that the United States "celebrates" the day but Mexico does not. I am not sure but I think it is our way of honoring them and the fact that they won the war. Or maybe it is just our way to have an excuse to eat lots of Mexican food! 

Now on to the stitching...somehow last week I forgot to add this first one!

I just barely started on this one but it seems to be a very easy stitch. I am doing it on plastic canvas and it will eventually look like the one on the right and serve as a bookmark. 

Vase of Flowers
Durene Jones

Progress 04/25/24
202 stitches added

After that I started another new one! It is a blackwork piece (which I love) and Tia had bought me some pretty red pearl floss for it called Caliente. I tried to use it but to me it is just to thick and looked horrible with the few stitches I did. I took it out and switched to a variegated DMC. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas about what I can do with, it please let me know! I have 4 skeins of it sitting here trying to figure out what to do with it. Thanks!

One Hundred Days of Tiny
New Start
Progress 04/29/24
356 stitches added

I have been taking the next piece to our stitching group. Sometimes you get lots of stitches in and sometimes you don't! I take this one to our group because I don't have to concentrate on it, I just fill in the outline which I can do while talking! So now I have two bunnies filled in and one to go.

Rabbit Silhouettes

Progress 04/30/24
437 stitches added

After that I drug out the Quilt Block Sampler for a couple of days. I had to move the Q-snap so I took a very wrinkly picture of the entire piece. As you see there are ten out of the twelve blocks stitched up and I hope to finish this one up this year! 

Quilt Block Sampler
Designer - Loretta Oliver
Progress 05/02/24
214 stitches added

This is another one I take to our stitching group because it is an easy stitch. Though I will be very glad when it is FINISHED! I am getting kind of tired of stitching with this black floss!

Home is Where the Dog Is
Daily Cross Stitch

Progress 05/03/24
126 stitches added

That is 1,335 stitches for the week! It seems as though I worked on a lot of pieces this week but some are way quicker than others. 

So that is it for me for the week. We are having beautiful weather; it is supposed to be in the 80s for the entire week without a raindrop in sight. Now is the time for me to get off the internet and work on something productive like my next ornament; SANTA!

I hope you have a wonderful week! 

Stay safe and be happy and I'll see
you again...right here, next Sunday!


Sunday, April 28, 2024

My Sunday Stitchy Update 04/28/24

Hello Stitchers and Friends! Hope you are having a fabulous day. 

This week has been a pretty good one. I got in a bunch of stitching and even a small finish of an ornament. So without further ado; here are this weeks pieces. 

Small Christmas Ornaments
Progress 04/21/24
300 Stitches added
for a mini finish!

I think he is so cute!
One finished and three to go!!

Rabbit Silhouettes
Progress 04/23/24
67 stitches added

I am going to try to finish the bunny on the right this week; we will see what happens. 
Everything has an original goal of 200 and I passed that a while ago on this one.

The Enchanted Christmas Snowman
Artist - Dona Gelsinger

Progress 04/26/24
203 stitches added

This one is going to take a good long while.
This is still the first page. It shows that there are
nine pages but some have very little on them. 

Today I finished planning out the May Acrostic Challenges. I am trying to finish some of the pieces from the previous months before I add any more new pieces. I have at least 30 pieces already started which filled up my two totes! I know that is not a lot for some but for me it is to many "loose ends" so I need to get some FINISHED! 


Thanks so much for stopping by
and for taking a peek at my stitching
see you next week with another faithful update!


Sunday, April 21, 2024

My Sunday Stitchy Update 04/21/24

Well... here it is Sunday again! That means it is time for my weekly update. 

We are really warming up here where I am.  Last week it was in the 80s with a couple of 90s thrown in for fun! And we are expecting more of the same this week.  Hope you guys are having some great weather too. 

So let's see what I put some Xs in last week:

First I worked on the Peppermint Purple 2024 SAL. It is very relaxing to stitch, just making straight lines but I really can't wait until I get to the fills! 

2024 Blackwork SAL
Progress 04/15/24
278 stitches

Then I worked on an oldie but definitely a goodie. I have been working on this one for a very very long time. There are only TWO more blocks left and hopefully I will get to them soon. I like how I did this block with the variegated floss; round and round instead of row by row. I think the effect turned out interesting and I love it. 

Quilt Block Sampler
Designer - Loretta Oliver
Progress 04/19/24
396 stitches

Then of course I pulled out the bunnies AKA Rabbit Silhouettes. It certainly doesn't look like it will be finished by the end of the month but I will try my best! I have three more stitching group meetings which is where I stitch on this piece but I will have to stitch A LOT OF Xs to finish it off so I will have to see how it goes. 

Rabbit Silhouettes
Progress 04/16/24
181 stitches

That is 855 stitches for the week.

Sorry, I know I am behind on some blogs but I have been trying to catch up with them. I think I am almost there!! YaY

Well thanks for taking a peek at my stitching
see ya next week with another faithful update
in the meantime take care of yourself.

Monday, April 15, 2024

March 2024 Stitching Stats!

Well, as you see this post is very late. That is because I have been going back and forth with myself arguing, thinking and deciding about what I should do about my stats. Should I post my stats... but there are so many pictures or should I skip posting them all together or... should I post them without the pictures. 

I have finally come to my decision to post without pictures because there are going to be at least a dozen projects each month with one or two pictures for each project from now on and that is way to many for one post. 

I am so glad I finally decided because I was tired of arguing with myself! 

So here we go... the stats for March. 

Number of Days Stitched This Month = 31
Number of Days Stitched This Year = 91
Number of Days Stitched Consecutively = 821

Number of *Projects Worked on This Month = 15
     *Includes WIPs, UFOs (which may have already been worked on) and new starts.
Number of Stitches Put In This Month = 4,405

Number of New Projects Started This Month = 3
Number of New Projects Started This Year = 11

Number of Projects Finished This Month = 0
Number of Projects *Finished This Year = 2
     *Does Not included any mini finishes.

Well thanks so much for stopping by and seeing how much I accomplished for the month!
See you again soon.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

My Sunday Stitchy Update 04/13/24

Another week, done and gone! 

Nothing exciting happening around here. Our weather is going up and down but looks like it will be moving steadily on it's way up soon! Other than that all I have been doing is reading and stitching and since you are here about the stitching let me show it to you. 

I have never stitched a card before so I decided to try and figure one out on my own, The problem with trying to figure out the stitch area is every time I measured the area on the card I was getting different measurements; of course! So I finally figured it out and got a card started. 

Happy Birthday Card
Astor Place
'Greeting Cards for All Seasons'
Progress 04/10/24
Stitched 299 stitches
Luckily I don't need it to soon!

The Flower a Day
Progress 04/13/24
Stitched 236 stitches
I just love these flowers!

Rabbit Silhouettes
Progress 04/12/24
Stitched 369
This is being stitched during the stitching group each
week because I need it finished by the end of the month.

Well that is it for the week! I don't know what I'll be bringing out next week because I still have a few more acrostics to stitch. 

I hope you have a great week and thanks so much for stopping by and for the comments you left.

Sunday, April 07, 2024

My Sunday Stitchy Update 04/07/24

Welcome All! I am glad you could drop by today. 

We are having some great weather here and even had a couple of days of rain. I love when they rain comes down slow and steady. We even had a day that was in the 80s so that means summer is coming! 

It is April so I have two brand new Acrostic Puzzles to get me through the month!

I have selected a dozen different projects to work on throughout the month. I started the month by working on three different projects. 

I got in two more days on Winter SAL.

Winter SAL
Designer - Alyssa

Progress 04/03/24
Added 256 more stitches

Next I continued to work on the bookshelf for the Temperature Library.

Temperature Library
Designer - Kristi DiClemente

Progress 04/06/24
Added 395 stitches

And then I worked on my bunnies.  I think I am going to make this one my Group Stitch at the mall this month. Since I have them outlined it is easy to just fill them in while our group of stitchers chit chat the time away with each other. 

Rabbit Silhouettes
Daily Cross Stitch

Progress 04/05/24
251 stitches were added!

Technically I am finished with the the Winter SAL and the Temperature Library for my April acrostic but I am hoping to ger back to them before the end of the month. 

I hope that you had a great and productive week yourself
and that this new week brings lots of Xs to your needle!

Well thanks a bunch for stopping by to check out my stitching!
Enjoy your week.

Sunday, March 31, 2024

My Sunday Stitchy Update 03/31/24

First of all I would like to wish everyone who celebrates Easter a very blessed Easter filled with renewed hope, love and peace. 

Well we have officially ended March and now are going into the second quarter of this year. Everytime a month gets over it seems as though time is just speeding by and leaving me on the side somewhere! 

This last week I have been very busy with my needle and thread so let me show you what I accomplished.

Temperature Library
Designer - Kristi DiClemente
Progress 03/24/24
Added 200 stitches

Still working on the bookshelf along with trying to remember to record the weather everyday!

Twisted Rainbow Sampler

Progress 03/26/24
Added 243 Stitches

Then I was excited to start this new SAL from Stitchonomy. I usually don't like doing SAL because you rarely know what the design will look like when you are finished. I think I usually like Alyssa's SALs though so I am not to worried about hers.

Winter SAL
Designer - Alyssa

Progress 03/30/24
Added 418 Stitches

This was another one of her free SALs. If you are interested, you can see her past SALs on her site. While you are there you can sign up for her emails so you will know when there is another free SAL coming up. 

Anyways those are the stitches I did last week which completed my acrostics for the month.
Now to get ready for April!

Thanks a bunch for stopping by and for your support
and encouragement, they are always appreciated.

Sunday, March 24, 2024

My Sunday Stitchy Update 03/24/24

Happy Sunday Everybody!  I hope it has been a great week for you. It has been pretty good for me. Our weather is warming up which I love and I also managed to get in lots of stitches on five different pieces.

The Flower A Day
Designer - Carolyn Manning
Progress 03/18/24
170 Stitches

Quilt Block Sampler
Artist - Loretta Oliver
Progress 03/19/24
171.5 Stitches

Flowers of the Month
June, Wild Rose
Progress 03/21/24
165 Stitches

Rabbit Silhouettes

Progress 03/22/24
273 Stitches

Shades of Gold
Designer - Nicole Dostal
Progress 03/23/23
318 Stitches

So all these projects are on my acrostic list and I am almost finished with all my goals for March. Now it's just about time to make the April lists but only one of the phrases are ready so far. 

Can you believe it, next Sunday is Easter already! If I don't talk to you before then I would like to wish each of you a very Happy and Blessed Easter. 

Thanks for stopping by to see my progress; I appreciate it.

So until the next time happy stitching!