Sunday, November 26, 2023

My Sunday Stitchy Update 11/26/23

This is going to be one of those short and sweet posts because it has been one of those kind of weeks! Busy, busy, busy but nothing seems to get finished! Drives me crazy when this happens. I am hoping to tie up all the loose ends this week so I can concentrate on stitching and finishing the ornaments! 

Our stitching group did meet in the mall on Friday for our regular get together and it was PACKED! I don't think I have seen that many cars in the lot since way before the corona virus and the lockdowns. There were tons of shoppers, a lot of loud music and about a 1,000 children running around in the play place. I was pretty glad when it was over so we could leave there and head back home. We did have fun though with the people watching! That is always a fun activity. 

This week I am still working on Marmalade. I am adding the seventh square - YIPPEE!!  Here is my progress: 

Designer - Carolyn Manning
Progress 11/25/23

I think this could be finished this year if I continue to stitch on it since there will only be two squares and the border left!! I think I can do it.

And with that I think it is all I have for today. 

Thanks for stopping by, have a great week
and I hope to see you again next Sunday!

Sunday, November 19, 2023

My Sunday Stitchy Update 11/19/23

Hey Friends! How are you all doing today? I am doing good. 

I have finished my Christmas shopping except for maybe a few stocking stuffers and something for the dogs, the bird is already taken care of.  Do you guys have pets and do you buy them gifts for their birthdays and Christmas?  

This week I am still working on the same pieces. This is everything that I have stitched on the calendar tags. 

Fun Every Day
Designer - SamSarah Design Studio
(no longer in business)
I still have a very long way to go on the borders. I think that there are 48 tags all together so I have some work to do. 

Then I also did some work on Marmalade. 

Designer - Carolyn Manning
Progress 11/19/23

So the square I started last week is another mini finish!! Makes me feel good to mark off those small finishes while working towards a larger one. I have now completed 6 of the 9 squares. It is getting there!

Well I would like to wish all those who celebrate Thanksgiving this week a great holiday. For Thanksgiving dinner since we really don't care for turkey that much we will be having homemade pizza for dinner. What will you be eating? 

Thanks so much for stopping by,
see you next week with another faithful update!
Stay safe out there!

Sunday, November 12, 2023

My Sunday Stitchy Update 11/12/23

Hi there! Hope everything is good with you. There is nothing new or exciting happening here so this should be a quick post. 

This week I continued to work on Marmalade for the week. I finished the square I was working on - yay! Once I was finished with that section which was the lower right square I move over to start the lower left square.

Designer - Carolyn Manning
Mini Finish 11/11/23

Progress 11/11/23

I love the symmetry of these blocks and that is what originally drew me to this chart. I am also drawn to many quilt block designs for this very reason and I have a few in my stash. Now I want to see how far I can get on this block before I post next Sunday! 

So until then I would like to thank you for stopping by
and I hope that you will stop by again next Sunday!

Wednesday, November 08, 2023

October 2023 Stitching Stats

October has arrived and at first it seemed like it was going to bring the cooler weather with it but it seems to have fooled me as we are still having some pretty warm days.

I had a pretty busy October in the stitching department. I joined a new to me group on Facebook that really encourages stitching and so I got a lot of stitching in! I am enjoying the new group and I plan on entering as many of their monthly challenges that I can fit in my schedule for a while at least! 

Here are my October Numbers: 

Number of Days Stitched This Month = 31
Number of Days Stitched This Year = 304

Number of New Projects Started This Month = 0
Number of New Projects Started This Year = 13

Number of Different Projects Worked on This Month = 3

Number of Projects Finished This Month = 1
Number of Projects Finished This Year = 14

Here are my Before and After Pictures for my October stitching:

First on the stitching list is one that I have been working on since the 1st of October 2022, Boo Banner. I finally finished it 13 months later and I love it!

I am so happy I finally finished this piece but now I have to
make it into a banner to hang on my door for next Halloween.

After I finished I decided to select another WIP for the challenge and I decided to work on another oldie from the WIP Box, the Nintendo SAL. 

The next block for the SAL was Mike Tyson's Punch Out.
He was a pretty quick stitch.

Thanks for checking out the recap of my October Stitches.

I do hope you will return to see what I do in November.

Sunday, November 05, 2023

My Sunday Stitchy Update 11/05/23

Good Afternoon Everyone!  I hope that you had a wonderful week. 

It was Halloween week and in anticipation of many trick or treaters we bought two large bags of candy and waited. And then we waited more and some more.  We finally had a couple of knocks at the door but it turned out to be pretty disappointing as we only ended up with seven trick or treaters for the entire day. Hopefully it will be better next year.

On the stitchy side I continued to work on the Nintendo SAL from last week. 

Mike Tyson's Punch Out
Finished 10/31/23
(sorry about the shadow)
He is finished! I think that is five blocks stitched but many more to go!!

Once he was finished I started working on one that I just picked up out of the WIP Box last week while waiting and it's Marmalade. I did work on this one earlier in the year but I was still happy for it to come out for some more work! 

Designer - Carolyn Manning
Progress 11/04/23

I am planning on keeping this out for a while
so hopefully I make some good progress on it!

Well it is time for me to get back to stitching so...
Thanks a lot for stopping by to take a peek, have a
great week and I hope to see you again next week!

Sunday, October 29, 2023

My Sunday Stitchy Update 10/29/23

Hello friends! I hope you have all had a great week and for some of you I hope your weather has improved a bit! Unfortunately the cold season is sneaking up on us but if it takes it's time arriving I am fine with that! I know, I know... I live in the dessert where we don't really get "cold" but when the sun isn't out we can be pretty darn chilly!! 

So this week I was still working on the borders for the Fun Every Day calendar but I decided not to show it each week because just the borders are pretty boring. You can see past posts if you are interested by clicking on the link. I will probably post the calendar tags at the beginning and then again at the end of the month for the Stitching Stats

I also continued the stitching on the Mike Tyson block for the Nintendo SAL. I will probably finish him up tomorrow or Tuesday. 

Mike Tyson's Punch Out
Progress 10/29/23

I just have to finish filling in his body and this block will be finished.

Nothing else really happening around here. I have to start looking through my WIPs for one to work on during the month of November. I joined a group with a couple of friends (one of them is Katie) where we have to work on different challenges throughout the month. This month was a group challenge and I don't think I have stitched so many Xs during one month in a very long time! I really enjoyed it and so I joined a couple of new challenges for next month; every month they have new challenges to pick from. Now I am really looking forward to stitching even more Xs during November! 

Thanks for taking a peek at my stitching
see ya next week with another faithful update!

Sunday, October 22, 2023

My Sunday Stitchy Update 10/22/23

Hello!! Our weather is still hot and breaking records here.  We have had a couple 100 degree days here this past week which is the latest date we have ever had them here. First we set the record on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday. Tuesday's record was probably the shortest record we ever held. How is your weather? Are you having cold or rainy days?

Today I have a happy dance to share! I FINISHED Boo Banner! I love how it turned out. Unfortunately I don't remember where I put the hanger for it so I will have to do a crafty area search for it and hope it turns up, though when I do this type of search I generally have a lot of distractions and so that takes me forever!

Boo Banner
Designer - Stoney Creek
FINISHED 10/19/23

I also had another day of working on the borders for Fun Every Day.

Fun Every Day
Designer - SamSarah Design Studio
(no longer in business)
Progress 10/20/23

Then I spun the wheel and I ended up with my Nintendo SAL! This one has a long way to go so I am kind of happy to work on it. 

Mike Tyson's Punch Out
Progress 10/21/23

So that's it for the week!
Thanks again for stopping by,
hope to see you again next week!

Sunday, October 15, 2023

My Sunday Stitchy Update 10/15/23

Hello fellow stitchers! I hope you had a great week. I had a pretty good week but it was another was another busy one. I am hoping this week will slow down a little around here. 

I stitched on both of the same pieces again this week and one is getting close to a finish!! 

First up is one that is pretty boring right now since I am only slowly adding the borders to the pieces that will become the calendar tags. These designs are all stitched on perforated paper so I really have to be careful when handling and stitching it so that I don't rip it. 

Fun Every Day
Designer - SamSarah Design Studio

Progress 10/13/23

Of course I only have this out for stitching for about three hours a week and I estimate that for over two of those hours we are running out mouths talking about any and everything so that I may never get it finished! 

Now last week (see post below this one) I put out a question asking for any SamSarah information and sadly I have found out that they closed up shop. Luckily for me I had purchased all twelve months when they were available and now just need to purchase the calendar holder from Ackfeld. If you have never visited their site you may want to take a peek because they have many cute holders and stands.

Next we have one that will soon be off the q-snap! 

Boo Banner

Progress 10/14/23

I am currently doing the backstitch on the section you see here. I am amazed at how much backstitching there is on this piece, thankfully I already completed it on the top. I still haven't looked for any fabric for the backing so maybe I can get that in this week, but either way the stitching will be finished before Halloween! YAY

So that pretty much wraps up my stitching week. I KNOW I am way behind on blog and email reading so please accept my apology but I really hope to get caught up this week. 

Thanks for taking a peek at my stitching
see ya next week with another faithful update
and I hope you have time to stitch everyday until then!

Sunday, October 08, 2023

My Sunday Stitchy Update 10/08/23

Hello Stitchers! Here we are at Sunday once again. I have had a full week; I won't bore you with the details but rest assured I have been very busy and I exhausted myself! Not so much that I couldn't stitch but busy enough to not want to do extra stuff. 

Anyways I belong to a local cross stitching group and they decided to have a stitchy meet up on Fridays at our local mall. I have gone to the first two gatherings and I tell you I have really missed stitching with others. It was fun getting to know and meet them in person and I look forward to the next get together. I looked through my WIPs/WFOs for something easy to take back and forth and start stitching on and I found this! 

Fun Every Day
Designer - SamSarah Design Studio

               Progress  12/30/18                                          Progress  10/06/23

As you can see I haven't worked on it in forever!

Now I have a question for all of you... Does anyone know if SamSarah still exists and if so do they have a website somewhere out there in the world? I couldn't find anything on them when I did a search and I would really like to find it.  Thanks a bunch!

Now for my main stitching focus

Boo Banner
Progress 10/07/23

I am making pretty good progress with this one and still trying to finish it by the end of the month. Yesterday I was having a little trouble with the blending threads but i finally sorted that out. I am afraid that the purple one must have gotten cut somehome (maybe when they opened the boxes?) and it is coming off in small pieces. I finally managed to get enough to stitch what I needed to and after I am finished I will decide what to do with the rest of the bobbin.

Well I do think I have talked more than I thought I would, sorry. 

I hope you have a wonderful week
and that I will see  you next Sunday!

Wednesday, October 04, 2023

September 2023 Stitching Stats

We turned the calendar page to a new month so I guess you guys know what that means! 

It is time for my monthly stats summary for September and the year to date. 

Number of Days Stitched This Month = 30
Number of Days Stitched This Year = 273

Number of Different Projects* Worked on This Month = 5
Number of Different Projects* Worked on This Year = 40
     *Includes WIPs, UFOs (which may have already been worked on this year) and new starts.

Number of New Projects Started This Month = 0
Number of New Projects Started This Year = 13

Number of Projects Finished This Month = 4
Number of Projects Finished This Year = 13

Here are the pictures of my September stitching.

These still need to be made into ornaments.

I hope to have this this piece finished soon.
The back stitch may take a while!!

Thanks for stopping by to see what I stitched last month.
Hope to see you again next month.