Sunday, May 19, 2024

My Sunday Stitchy Update 05/19/24

Good Afternoon Friends! 

I hope that you are doing well today and that you had an awesome crafty week. Our weather has been on the warm side. We have been in the 90s with yesterday having the high temperature of 98℉ and it is still only spring!  I think that the news said this is the earliest we have been this hot. Can't wait to see what the summer brings. I did read somewhere that everywhere in the U.S. will be above average. I guess it will be time for many to hibernate.

Now on to the stitching! This week I had a pretty good one and got quite a bit finished.  Though there was one giving me a big headache! LOL 

First up was a holdover from last week, the Winter SAL.  I am usually way behind on SALs because I do them at my own pace rather that someone else's. Also I normally collect all the parts before I even start because once I was stitching one of those mystery SALs with a group and when we got about halfway I decided I hated the design. All that time invested in it, wasted! I think I cut off the unused part of the fabric and threw the rest away!

Winter 2024 SAL
Designer - Alyssa
Progress 05/12/24
Added 273 stitches this week

Then I worked on The Enchanted Christmas Snowman for a few days. When I was first gifted this chart I was so excited! I started it and did quite a bit but then had to move on to other things with the promise of coming back to it someday! Well it is NOW someday but it is giving me lots of headaches. The section I am working on now are nothing but confetti stitches! Nooooo!! I work one or two stitches in each section and then I have to switch to a new floss color. It is so time consuming. It actually took me two days to stitch 87 stitches. I can't wait to get to a big block of color! 

The Enchanted Christmas Snowman
Progress 05/16/24
147 stitches added
I need to come back to this one and add 53 more stitches before the end of the month.

I then worked on my very simple Home is Where the Dog Is piece. On this one there are NO color changes so I just get to keep on stitching and stitching! But oh so much solid black which makes it pretty boring which is why I take it to my Stitching Group to work on because there are lots of distractions there!! 

Home is Where the Dog Is
Daily Cross Stitch
Progress 05/14/24
154 stitches added this week.

Then I worked on a piece that I am doing on plastic canvas, Vase of Flowers. It goes pretty fast when working on plastic canvas and since this will be a bookmark I felt that plastic was the way to go for durability.

Vase of Flowers
Progress 05/17/24
added 225 stitches to this one

Then I decided to wrap up the week with Flowers of the Month. I like these but they are just a little bit time consuming too. Luckily for me they have more than one or two stitched per color in each area. 

Flowers of the Month
June, Wild Rose
Progress 05/18/24
211 stitches added here

That is a total of 1.010 stitches for the week!

If you are still here... Thanks!
I think I probably "talked" your ear off!

I can try to do it again next week to so...

Please come back then
and we will do it again!



Clare-Aimetu said...

Another week of great progress. I too like to see the finished SAL before starting. I once unpicked 6 months of stitching and waited until all pieces were revealed because I didn't like the order it was in. I reorganised it and stitched it up, it us finished but still not framed.

MartinaM said...

I actually really like SAL's when the sections aren't too big. I'm only careful with Mystery SAL's because I can't like it like you do.
lots of little progress, very nice.
Have a good week, Martina

Manuela said...

Hello Faith,
you was very busy on your stitching projects. Good progress on your wips.
Have a nice new week. Manuela

Robin in Virginia said...

Faith, it looks like you had an awesome week of stitching. I admire you with that full coverage piece. I am definitely not a fan of confetti stitching and that is based on a few of the pieces I have stitched in the past. And they weren't full coverage. Have a great stitching week!

Katie said...

Beautiful work on everything. I am such a seasonal stitcher the Winter SAL might have to wait till winter haha. I feel weird stitching it now. I do like the overall pattern though. We'll see. Just too much other WIPs screaming right now.

Confetti drives me crazy but I think it looks pretty and worth the effort later. Hope the rest of the X's go in easier and quicker.

Talk away girl. I'll read it haha.

Carol said...

What a productive week you had, Faith! I have never done a SAL as I tend to just want to stitch what I want to stitch when I want to stitch it--ha ha! I think your approach to collecting all of the parts makes perfect sense. Really loving your Flowers of the Month block this week--such a pretty peach color. Hope things cool down--we are in the high 80s here which I'm loving (that is until it begins to get humid again :)