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Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 WIPs

I currently have many WIPs to complete and I hope to make 2010 the YEAR OF THE FINISH!

I have loads of things started going back quite a few years and need to prioritize these projects and get them finished so I can get some of my millions of "NEW" projects started!

At the moment I am stitching a Snowman ornament kit from Janlyn and I am making my grandson; Jacob a pencil case out of plastic canvas. He LOVES to "write/draw" and is always carrying pens and pencils everywhere he goes. He can't leave the house with out them but he is always losing I thought that Grandma should make him an easy to carry case for him to use.

I am TOTALLY NEW to blogging so please bare with me as I learn and hopfully it (I) will get better as I go.

Thanks ;)

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