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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekly Update

This week there was not to much going on...except we had a plumbing emergency at the house. Not so much fun! LOL It started with the washing machine backing up into the bathtub and we ended up not being able to do anything that involved running to much water cuz everything backed up into the tub! Not a great weekend... Finally got in touch with the plumber on Monday morning and scheduled an appointment for him to come clean out sewer lines and drain pipes. I don't think it took him longer than an hour to do everything but thankfully everything is running perfectly now! YIPPEE

I started stitching the biscornu I received from Kim last week. It is coming along very nicely. I am making a few minor changes, like changing the direction of the hearts in the squares...they were all pointing the same way and I decided that I didn't really like it that way. Think I may change the border too; but I will decide that when I get that far. This is my progress so far...

I am also participating in a SAL in my Yahoo group Stitch N Swap. We are going to stitch the EMS 2010 flower series. So this weekend I found a piece of fabric to stitch it on (18 count antique white) and I started making the borders that go around each monthly flower. We are going to start in March and I hope to have my fabric all ready by the first. This is how much I have finished so far.
I am going to stitch it 3 flowers across and 4 flowers down.

In the past few weeks we have had to many different weather conditions! Three weeks ago we had a blizzard, the following week we had subzero temperatures, last week we had temps in the high 50s and that melted most of the snow away! :) But guess what??? This morning on the way to was raining and the rain was mixed with ice -YUCK! This week they are forecasting more snow. I know it is only February but I am TIRED of snow and cold! 4 weeks until SPRING! YEAH

We watched a couple of movies this week...the first one was about a bank robbery called The Town; it was pretty good. The next one The Takers was also about robbers but they robbed armored trucks and it was really good. We also saw Legendary, and it was just all right. We also saw an oldie but goodie on TV...Serendipity. I love that movie and when I saw it in the listings I just had to watch it!
Still reading Lee Child's One Shot. Last week I listened to Tess Gerritsen book Vanish and started The Mephisto Club, which I should finish this week. Vanish was the 20th book I finished this year!
That is it for this week...Hope you have a wonderful week and hope to see you again next time!


Berly said...

Aren't plumbing problems awful? Progress looks great! And you are waaaay ahead of me on books! I agree, I am soooooooooooo ready for spring!!

Meari said...

We have the icy conditions today. Yuck is right.

I have Serendipity on DVD - Love it!

Good to hear your plumbing problems are clear up. Definitely not fun.