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Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekly Update ~ 03/28/11

Well last week I was soooo excited...SPRING arrived!! YES ~ finally ;) But the weather is NOT cooperating. It is still cold and snowy and dreary and I DON'T LIKE IT! I am more than ready for some sunshine and hot weather or at least some warmer weather.
My daughter Tia gave Jacob's room a make over this week! He got a loft bed and a new paint job. He picked blue and red (superman colors) and his themes are Super Hero Squad and Dinosaurs!

He has the Super Hero Squad bedding and decals all over his walls and he has stars and planets that glow in the dark on his ceiling so he can sleep under the stars EVERY night! He loves his room so much he never wants to come out...

Went to see my brother, sister-in-law and niece yesterday. We meet for lunch and Ms. Abby was not that excited to be at Red Robin! She finally calmed down and studied all the people around her (especially the ones at her table ~ LOL). I don't think she was all that impressed.

Watched a couple of movies this week. The family movie was Megamind which is what Jacob had been waiting for. It was kinda cute and I even found myself laughing at it a time or two. We also watched a great movie with Denzel and Chris Pine called Unstoppable. It was most excellent; totally action packed and a nail biter! I totally recommend it.
I have been really going thru the audiobooks. This past week I have been listening to Sue Grafton's Alphabet series. I got thru D is for Deadbeat, E is for Evidence and F is for Fugitive. They are quick books to listen to! I read the second book in the Monica Ferris' Needlework Mystery series, Framed in Lace. Next I think I am going back to the Joe Reacher series and see where he takes me now!
I made progress on both of my WIPs this week! YIPPEEEE First up is my March Flower for the EMS SAL. I definitely will not be finished with it in March since it is my weekend project...but hopefully I will not be too far behind!

Next is L*K's ABCs of Parenting. I made some decent progress on it but I still have soooo much more to do! Hopefully I can work on it some this week :)

Well thanks for stopping by...I appreciate it.
I am going now to await the arrival of SPRING! Hope it will finally get here this week.


Meari said...

I've seen Unstoppable -- good movie indeed.

Your WIPs look great.

I'm waiting for the warm spring weather, too!

Angela said...

ciao faith, happy to be your follower.
angela from rome, italy