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Friday, July 29, 2011

Long Awaited Update! :)

WOW ~ It has been a while! Lots of stuff has been going on; hope I can remember all of it or at least some of it! :)
First of all my wonderful grandson Jacob graduated from preschool! It was a wonderful day and we were ALL SO PROUD of him. He gave a small speech and he did so well. We went out for pizza to celebrate. Here he is all dressed up in his cap and gown looking so scholarly!

My poor laptop crashed! We tried and tried to get it back up and running with no luck. I did manage to save all my pictures (I had over 2,400) on my hard drive and the million XS freebies I have collected from all over the web! Have to remember to do a backup more often. Unfortunalty I did NOT get to save my Favorites! It was my internet that was messed up ~ think I may have had a virus of some kind. BUT think of all the new places I can explore while looking for the favorites I had before!!
Here in Chicagoland we are having a HOT and RAINY summer...I LOVE the HOT part though I am not to crazy about the wet part. We have set a new record for rainfall :(
I have been STITCHING ...I finished stitching L*K's ABCs of Parenting, framed it and gave it as a gift. Here it is ~

My daughter and I have found a couple of local groups where we can go sit and stitch with other people every other week. She brings along her knitting and I take my XS. When I am there I stitch my EMS Flowers of the Month SAL.
Meanwhile at home I started a new project. It is called the Rules of Life and it can be seen of the Kincavel Krosses website. I am doing my on 18 count with variegated purple DMC 102 ~ this is how far I got today.

But before I stitched today I went to PAINT POTTERY!! :) What fun. My daughter heard about this place not to far from us called Art 4 Soul and we had been wanting to try it. Well...we got a GroupOn deal for this so we decided to give it a try. We weren't really sure what we were doing but we found something for our "first" project and got busy. I painted this two different shades of purple (of course). After you paint it you leave it there so they can "cook" it and we go back next week to pick it up. Here is what mine looked like when I was finished painting it. Can't wait to see it next week because the colors will change after it goes in the kiln.

Well back to stitching now...
Thanks for stopping by and hopefully it won't be so long between posts next time!

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