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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 comes to an End ;)

Last week was Christmas and what a beautiful day it was! Our family had the best day together celebrating the holiday. It was great to spend the whole day together enjoying each other’s company, watching movies and eating the wonderful dinner my daughter prepared for us. We are having very mild temperatures here in Chicagoland and had NO snow for Christmas!

Santa and presents; the only two thing my grandson worried about that day! He had a fabulous time and since he was on the good list he got just what he asked for and spent the whole day playing away on his Nintendo DS :)

My brother came over and brought his daughter Abby for a visit, here she is opening a present

I have been organizing my stitching for 2012! I have joined a few different challenges to help keep me motivated and stitching in the upcoming year

The first one I joined is the Facebook CrosstitchCrazy2012 where we picked out 15 projects that we wanted to stitch in the upcoming year. They could be new starts, UFOs or WIPs…didn’t matter as long as it was stitching.

The next one I signed up for is the 2012 Crazy 12 Challenge over at Stitching_Sisters Yahoo group. For that one we only needed 12 new starts which worked out great for me as I had 12 NEW starts on my list! I also had 2 WIPs and 1 UFO to round out the 12 so I added them to the UFO challenge in the same Yahoo group.

The last one I joined (waiting for approval) in is the 2012 WIPocalypse at Measi’s Musings. There are no requirements as to the number of things that you HAVE to stitch for this challenge…but you do need to make a list of things you want to stitch in 2012 and list them on your site. Then you need to update the pictures of everything you stitched EVERY month before the full moon!

SOOOO now it looks like I MAY actually get some stitching in AND UPDATE my blog regularly! A double bonus for me! Yippee

Here is a list of my Stitchy plans for 2012.
  1. Anna Waite Designs ~ Easter Eggs
  2. Broderie ~ Nativity Scene
  3. Cross-Stitch-Art ~ Full Bloom
  4. Design Connection ~ Rose of Sharon
  5. Janlynn ~ Bathtime Rules
  6. Joyful Expressions ~ His Name is Jesus
  7. Lizzie*Kate ~ ABCs of Aging Artfully
  8. Lizzie*Kate ~ ABCs of Parenting
  9. Lizzie*Kate ~ It’s a Boy Thing; Boys will be Boys
  10. Lizzie*Kate ~ It’s a Boy Thing; Dude
  11. Lizzie*Kate ~ One Hundred Years
  12. Sue Hillis ~ DysFUNctional
  13. EMS ~ Flowers of the Month WIP
  14. Dinosaurs! (chart bought on eBay) WIP
  15. Janlynn ~ Sleepytime Friends UFO (My 6 year old grandson’s birth sampler)
I am getting pretty excited about it and soooo ready to get this stuff going!
I am hoping that this will keep me focused and that I will ACTUALLY get some stuff finished!! Here is what everything looks like now ~ Can’t wait to see what it looks like in one year :)


Also 2012 is going to be the year about a healthier me!
I have joined Weight Watchers once again and I am praying that this year is the year that I will lose the weight and keep it off! My daughter (she joined online) is also going on this journey with me and I think that TOGETHER we will be able to accomplish this!
My starting weight when I joined on 12-15-11 was 172.2 and when I weighed in this past Thursday my weight was 169.8 for a loss of 2.4 pounds so far. My ULTIMATE GOAL is 100 but I would be happy with 130.
I would like to wish everyone a safe, happy and blessed 2012 filled with nothing but love, family, good times and good fortune...oh and lots of stitching time!


Measi said...

Thanks for joining the WIPocalypse! I've just added you to the participant list. :) Looking forward to seeing all of your progress photos, and good luck on your non-stitchy goals for 2012!

Happy New Year!

Mary Ivancicts said...

WOW! Faith, you are set for the New year! Love your picks!

Pam said...

Such a lovely family you have Faith.. We're going on this weight loss journey with good friends and having your daughter joining you is such a plus..Have a totally fabulous first day of the new year.

Meari said...

We had no snow here either. There's just a tiny patch of snow left from last month's snowfall of 2". I've never known there not to be snow on Christmas, or this time of year even! Today has been blustery to say the least. Brrr.

Good luck with 2012 stitching and weightloss, Faith. I'm going to try to lose weight also... via more exercise.

Happy New Year!

Nancy in IL said...

Congrats on a well-planned 2012, Faith! I also updated my blog yesterday but haven't organized my projects as well as you have done. I just got my external hard drive and camera working again after a long absense, so now I'm good to go! Pix will be forthcoming!

I loved seeing Jacob on Christmas Day - totally absorbed. I get such a kick out of his intelligence and the great things he says!

The little niece looks like a little cherub!!

I love your lineup of 2012 projects! So nice that you included links! I hope that you blog all your starts - I would love to watch each day! Either that, or I will be forced to join the dreaded Facebook again under a different name, LOL!

Einschies blog said...

Happy new year to you Faith;-)) Your blog was new to me too;-))) But not the idea of losing some weight...I will try that too this year;-)))