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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Family Fun!

Well the snow finally came to Chicagoland and boy did it come!  :) 

I think we have about nine inches of the fluffy cold stuff out there. Not everyone dreaded it though ~ my grandson was more than happy to see it

He had lot of fun outside but was glad to come in out of the cold.

Last week my daughter and grandson went to Discover the Dinosaurs and they had tons of fun! 

Here is a picture of them being chased by a dinosaur!

Nothing else really happening here on the homefront...just trying to stay warm and warm is not easy to come by right now! 

I am getting ready to camp out on the couch with some coffee, bundle up and stitch! :)


grannystitches said...

Faith you have a beautiful daughter and a handsome little grandson. I see the lil guy having a ball in the fluffy white stuff! Have a blessed day!!!!

Nancy in IL said...

Tia and Jacob are so sweet together! You can tell Jacob is not like his grandma in one respect... he loves the snow!!! Boy, do these pictures bring back sweet childhood memories!

Looking back, your stitching is really coming along! Great new starts!

Shelleen said...

Jacob looks like he had so much fun in the snow.

Patches said...

Playing in the snow is so fun

Mary Ivancicts said...

Wow! Jacob is sure having fun! Your stitching is coming along!