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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday's Stitchy Update...

It is the 15th! Yippee…
That means I have stitched on each of my 15 projects for the Cross Stitch Crazy 15 Facebook group and for the Yahoo Group Stitching Sisters! I already posted the first seven so here are the updates for the next eight…five are new starts, two are WIPs and one is a long abandoned UFO from 2005.

On Day 7 I started Lizzie*Kate’s ABCs of Parenting

On the 8th I started Lizzie*Kate’s ABCs of Aging

On the 9th I started stitching Easter Eggs by Anna Waite Designs ~ love this one!

The 10th brought me a bit of a challenge…I started stitching Rose of Sharon by Design Connection and I am NOT to sure I like it. It is supposed to be stitched over two but I decided to stitch it over one and that might be a mistake…I am going to try to stitch some more when I can and see how I feel about it. Maybe I can swap it out for some different fabric?

On the 11th I started stitching His Name is Jesus – didn’t get to far though

The 12th is another Lizzie*Kate design! Boys Will Be Boys from The It’s A Boy Thing Chartpak…love this one too! Seems I must really like L*K Designs

Then I picked up the UFO on the 13th and I so remember why I put it down! I am stitching it over 2 and I am not to good at that! Maybe if I had an evenweave fabric it would seem less stressful? To late now – I am about halfway finished.

On the 14th I continued with the EMS Flowers of the Month SAL I was doing with another group. I am almost finished with May. I already stitched March and April in 2011.

The last chart to round out the 15th is another WIP ~ Dinosaurs! I was terrified of this chart but with a lot of encouragement and direction of many online friends – I am doing it like I would any other project. I just know that this one will take WAY longer than any other I did cuz it is the biggest one I have ever attempted ~ 20 pages ~ YIKES! So far 331 stitches stitched and only 66,169 more to go!!

Thanks for looking at my 15 projects for 2012… come back next Sunday and see what kind of progress I made and leave a comment so I know you stopped by for a peek!


Sandy said...

I love your selection of projects. Your stitching is beautiful!

Sandyc in NJ

Sparkles 'n' Stitching said...

Wow well done for sticking to the challenge, I know I couldnt have managed it. Very nice stitching, cant wait to see how they finish up

Mary Ivancicts said...

You have gotten a good start!

Tara said...

Great starts! I think most of us like L*K. They are cute and pretty quick to finish. You'll have a ton of finishes in no time.

Vicky L said...

Beautiful starts! I really like LK Boys will Be Boys. I want to do that one for my nephew. I cant wait to see next week's progress,

Meari said...

FINALLY! Finally, I'm able to leave a comment. All your starts look good, Faith.

Nancy in IL said...

LOVE Easter Eggs by Anna Waite! I'll hve to look that one up!