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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Night Weigh In :)

Another week...another small victory! 

I lost ANOTHER 0.4 this week for a total loss of 6.4 which makes me happy, but a little more each week would make me ecstatic!  Really can't complain to much though for a 0.4 loss as we had some things going on these week and we just had no time or energy to cook so we must have eaten fast food at least four times this week!  I tried to stick to "good for you food" but going so many times in a week still is not good for you no matter how hard you try to eat "healthy" if ya know what I mean!

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Nancy in IL said...

Faith, we eat fast food too much too, and my average is not a pound a week either - just a fraction of a pound. I would love to lose more quickly, but I'm not going to because I need more exercize. I just bought their pedometer on sale, but just haven't got my butt out to walk yet. I keep thinking I will, but it's yet to happen.