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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Family Stuff

Yesterday was GRAND DAY
That is the day that when
spend the day hanging out together.

First things first...
BREAKFAST at that donut place
Then we are off for a day of adventure at the annual ReptileFest operated by the Chicago Herp Society.
We have been here before and I like the idea of Jacob being able to see, touch and learn about the different animals.  There are so many helpful people there showing their pets and giving advice for people who are considering a reptile as a family pet. 

Jacob saw this iguana and he wasn't to sure about him...
...but he decided to pet him anyway.

We spent the day walking around looking at more iguanas, tortoises, snakes, crocodiles and alligators. 

Then we got to the TURTLES
and WOW talk about EXCITEMENT
He jumped right into the turtle pen and started playing with them, picking them up and carrying them all around; checking out each and every one of them. 

Until he found the PERFECT one!  He decided that he REALLY REALLY needs a box turtle and this is the one he must have! 

He came home and told his mom all about it and asked her if he can PLEASE have one.  :) 

I don't know if we have the room for one PLUS we have two dogs so we will have to give it some serious consideration before we jump into it; but I am hoping that his mom says yes too! 


Mary Ivancicts said...

So....Is there a new pet going to be living with you guys!! Glad you had a great day together

Meari said...

What a fun day. My niece would love reptilefest, too.