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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Thursday Weigh In

Not such a good picture this week

Unfortunately I have had a very bad week. 

I was going to skip posting my weight this week since it was so bad but I thought that would not be very accountable of me and I would ONLY be deceiving myself here it is for all to see. 

I will get back on track NOW and I hope that I will be at least where I was last week next week!

Here is hoping the number looks
a little SMALLER next week :)


Kaisievic said...

Good luck, Faith - you will get there.

Bea said...

Hang in there Faith, it will go down.

Victoria Gable said...

Keep pushing Faith, I'm doing the same it is not easy. Do yourself a favor and measure yourself (waist,hips chest etc) You'll notice the difference better :) I lost 9 1/2" off my hips and didn't realize it because the weight wasn't as much as I thought it should be.