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Friday, August 03, 2012

Hop Time

It is time for Round 7 of the Blog Hop!

This round Loretta of Stitching the Night Away asked a reader inspired question
I have been doing embroidery and cross stitching for around 40 years. So I have done quite a few kits and projects and sometimes end up with extra threads, now if I buy the threads that is not a problem, because you can always add to your stash, but if it is a kit what on earth do you do with the bits of thread that are left?
Most kits do not have a thread number. And since most kits give you extra threads so you don’t run short, you end up with lengths of different colors. Have you ever done a project that would use up threads like this. I have thought of trying a sampler and just using the thread in color schemes, you know first pattern row be shades of blue, second shades of red, third shade of yellow etc. But I am afraid it would be a muddled mess.
FLOSS...when I am finished stitching a kit I do not add the floss to my stash.  If I am planning on giving the chart to someone else to use then I include any thread that I have leftover.

FABRIC...if the piece comes with linen - I trade it away to someone else for another piece of fabric because I do not stitch on linen! If it comes with evenweave or aida; I normally will use it unless I think I should go with a different color.

BEADS...if there are some leftovers - I keep them and add them to my bead jar.  You never know when you may need a bead or two.

NEEDLES...I usually throw them in my traveling stash bag.  It is SO frustrating to get somewhere and realize that you forgot to pack a needle or to lose / break a needle while you are not home!

So...what do you do with your stuff? 

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Shelleen said...

If I buy a kit, depends on what fabric comes with it. If I don't like it then I pass it on to someone else. Leftover threads I just toss. I will keep the beads and since I am picky about the needles, I always throw them out.

Meari said...

I saw a tip about needles... the stitcher suggested putting one in your wallet. That way if you ever lose yours or forget while you're out and about, you'll always have one.