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Monday, October 29, 2012

WIPocalypse Check-in #11

here we are at check in number ELEVEN already!

Since the last check in I have stitched up quite a few things and here they are...

First up is Dinosaurs! 

This is how it looked when the month started

Then I worked on it for one week and it looked like this
and after another week I FINISHED page one! 
Then I had a couple of new starts
which I also finished in the same month!

First is White Willow Stitching's
Tribal Penguin 

and next is Bunnies Squared
by designer Connie Barwick 
Thanks for taking a peek at my month full of stitches
hope to see you next month with even more Xs!


Shannon said...

Nice! Love the penguin.

Bea said...

Love your finishes, especially Tribal Penguin. Love the fabric you chose - sort of has that frozen environs look to it. And progress on the dinosaur is wonderful.

Scattered Threads said...

Your dinosaur is progressing along Faith. Congrats on your two finishes of which I'm partial to the Penguin. Can't wait to see how you will finish them.


tadamama said...

Great job!

OctoberLace said...

You're doing great, Faith!

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Your needle was busy last month! Great progress. I, too, love that penguin!

Marcy said...

You were very busy -- that dinosaur is looking cool.

Caitlin Jordan said...

love your finishes :)

Meari said...

You made a lot of progress on your projects, Faith! Kudos

socialsue said...

I think we both have the same taste when it comes to penguin!