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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Liebster Award

 WOW - I was honored not once but
TWICE this week with the
Liebster Award!
I received this first from Melissa at Family Business and then from Bea at Thoughts and Musings.

Thank you both!! :)

If you haven't already please check out their blogs as they are both great!

So here are the rules of this award which were forwarded to me:

The recipient will:

1. Pass along this award to five other bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
2. Inform those bloggers individually, and they will inform you that they received it.
3. Once received the blogger shall place the Liebster award on their blog in a post along with the bloggers they will pass it on to.

So here are the blogs that I am passing this award on to:

Charbella Stitching
Crafting across Continents
Mii Stitch
Scattered Threads

I do hope you will check them all out because they are great and who might just find a new blog to follow!

Happy Blog Surfing


Mii Stitch said...

Thank you!! Nice of you to enjoy my blog :) I've already had this award a few weeks ago so apologies but I won't be forwarding this again. Have a great weekend, off to check out the other blogs you chose as I don't know a few of them, Mii xx

sharine said...

Thankyou so much:)

Anne said...

Thank you Faith for this wonderful award! I shall pass on asap. It is a busy time of year for me but I should get to it soon! Happy stitching to you!! :)

Anne said...

I thought I left a comment. Sorry! Thank you so much for the honour of this award. I am quite busy but I will surely get to it soon. Thanks!! :) Anne - stitchnkey

Scattered Threads said...

Hi Faith,
Thank you very much for considering me for this award and want you to know I do appreciate it.


Meari said...