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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Grow your own blog PARTY!

I just signed up for the Grow Your Own Blog party! 

I saw it posted on many blogs today as I attempted to catch up with the blogs in my poorly neglected reader and so I went over and checked it out and I think it sounds like it will be a fun way to find some new blogs to explore.  I signed up today (it was past the deadline date but I signed up anyway ~ hoping that was ok!)  So go check it out and I will see you at the party!!


Kaisievic said...

What fun! I have joined up, too but have not had time to put up a pre-post.

vicki said...

Faith - Thank you for your kind comment --- Your blog is loaded in for my Grow Your Blog party. You will need to prepare a special post for the party-- I will be by to visit and meet you as soon as I can after the party starts!