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Wednesday, January 09, 2013


My wonderful children got me a new Brother Sewing Machine, two Learning to Sew classes at Joann's and a Joann's gift card to buy sewing supplies.

I am sooooo excited
and ready to learn something new ;)

Here is a picture of my machine
and some of the fabric I bought

My first class is not for a couple more weeks but I am so anxious to learn!  My daughter found this blog, Crazy Little Projects that will be teaching the basics of sewing for the next seven weeks.  I will be following her and attempting to make what she makes...wish me luck!

In the meantime - I wanted to practice on my machine this past weekend and so I made this remote caddy to hang on my laptop table.  I just kind of made up the pattern with help from my daughter as I went along.

This is what I started with
and after MANY hours
here is what I ended up with
 the remote fits!
 and it fit on my table
 I think it turned out pretty cute and it actually works
YIPPEE for me!!

Thanks for taking a peek at my sewing!
Hoping I will have lots more sewing
projects to show in the future :)


Mii Stitch said...

Nice! I actually think I've got the same machine as yours :) I got it & know nothing about using a sewing machine. I've done some little things & it's actually easy (for basics stuff!). You've done a great holder & am sure you'll become a pro very quickly with the lessons :D

Melinda said...

That is a great caddy - what a wonderful first try... AWESOME. You will have so much fun with your new toy

SoCal Debbie said...

I bought myself a sewing machine too! But I haven't taken it out of the box yet. It sure is nice that you have sewing classes to look forward to! I just want to be able to sew little cross stitch ornaments! LOL.

Emma/Itzy said...

Great first project, I really should use mine more but I always get mad when I do, lol.

sharine said...

That is a wonderful first try and very handy to:)

Bea said...

What a fantastic gift! It's nice you've found some on-line lessons while you wait for your in-person ones. Very nice first project - attractive and useful. Looking forward to seeing what you create.

Anne said...

How lovely of your children to get you a sewing machine! I've been sewing for many years, and I couldn't do without it! Happy learning with your lessons! Should give you all the basics you need! I use the book that came with mine for special things that I try! :)

Mary Ivancicts said...

Very nice Faith!

Meari said...

Yay!! Kudos on your first sewing project. :)

OctoberLace said...

It's always fun to learn a new craft! Congrats on your new caddy.