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Monday, July 01, 2013


Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Going to give Bloglovin a try...

To those of you using Bloglovin already is there an easy way to add new blogs to your list ~ like a button on your favorite bar?



rosek1870 said...

It's really easy. There is a search bar and you can find the blog with name or address. Also when you join it will ask if you want to import the blogs you are following on Google. So far I like it. It also will tell you if you are already following a blog (for those of us who keep finding ones we like when surfing lol) and they send you a daily update email.
Good Luck!

Meari said...

While it's not as "good" as Google Reader, I like Bloglovin better than the others I've tried. I like that they send you an email every day of the blog updates. The only time I go to the bloglovin site is to add a new blog to the reader.