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Saturday, October 05, 2013

October ORTS and YOTA

Wow - I can't hardly believe it is October already... The year seems to be flying by though (thankfully) we are still having lots of days with summer temperatures.  I am NOT complaining though - SUMMER is my time of the year and I LOVE the HOT weather!

So now for the important stuff - the updates!

Here is my TUSAL jar - 
it is getting filled up
with ORTS slowly but surely!

 Next up is my YOTA piece!
YOTA gets posted on the first Saturday of every month

This is how it looked at the
YOTA check in for September

and here is October's update.
about 1/2 done with page 4

Thanks for looking and I look forward
to showing you more progress on the
next YOTA day November 2nd
so see ya then :)


Shaunterria said...

Way to fill up that orts jar Faith! You are just speeding through Dinosaurs and your stitching looks great :)

Linda said...

Wow! You got a lot done on Dinosaurs. Pretty ORT'S.


Meari said...

I liked it a couple of weeks ago when temps were in the 70's. Last week with the higher temps and humidity... you can keep that! Ugh.

Dinosaurs looks good. Nice progress!

AnaCristina said...

you had a good stitching month!
good week!