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Monday, October 14, 2013

Sunday's Stitchy Update...

Only a little late! :)

Last week I did a lot of organizing instead of stitching. I made myself a simple database using Access and started keying in some of the charts...adjusting the database to put in new fields...keying in more charts...more adjusting...filing the charts away in some kind of order.  It is very time consuming!

I took one of my charts and went to the office supply store where I found this stacking drawer.  It was the perfect fit for the charts - so I bought it!
I filed the charts in here alphabetically by designer.

I also had a few of these boxes laying around already 
so in one of them I have all my little Lizzie*Kate charts filed by chart number and in another I have other small charts filed by designer.

I typed in about 250 charts into my inventory so far and then I need to take a BREAK from all that typing so on to stitching!

I wanted to catch up with The Positive Thoughts SAL from the blog The Marottes Nathalie that I started last Sunday so I stitched up the rest over the weekend 
I changed some of the colors but I really like it,
I can't wait for part 3 to come out.

Thanks for taking a peek at my stitching
see ya next week with another faithful update!


Linda said...

I love your SAL piece Faith. Pretty colors.


Melinda said...

That is a lot of typing.. I love the database idea for organization.

Great stitching. I am going to try to do this in French

Justine said...

I love your SAL too! Linda is right, the colour choices are lovely.

Lesleyanne Smith said...

Your SAL is looking great - I have this one on my TO-DO List, just waiting on threads. xx

Meari said...

Kudos on the organizing. I feel your pain though on entering the charts. I've been doing the same thing in Excel. Very time consuming.

Nice progress on the SAL. I haven't started mine yet, but I'm taking it with me to MB.

Angie said...

I must resist the new start.. I keep seeing it everywhere though...

I need to organize like you are.

Lili said...

Hello!Thanks for your comment on my blog! ;)
Nice stitching!!Love the colours!

Jan Gartlan said...

Lovely new SAL. Wow you have a lot of patterns. I haven't collected anywhere near as many so I thinkI had better improve my stash.

littledebbie said...

I like your idea of organizing. I need organize more of my stash. Long process for me. lol