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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2014 Stitchy Plans!

I love when the new year comes - everything seems to have a clean slate and a new beginning!

I have quit making resolutions except for one and that is to be the best person I can be!

On the stitchy front though I have made a LONG OVERLY AMBITIOUS list of things I “want” to stitch. I am pretty sure I won't get to all of them but I am determined to try my very best!

Here is my list, some stuff is already started as noted below
  • Dimensions; Beaded Elegance Ornaments, Last Stitch-2004
  • Carla Rizzie; From My Heart To Yours, Last Stitch-2011
  • Joyful Expressions; His Name Is Jesus, Last Stitch-06/17/12
  • EMS; Flowers of the Month (June), Last Stitch-07/15/12
  • Anna Waite Designs; Easter Eggs, Last Stitch-07/29/12
  • Cross-Stitch-Art; Full Bloom, Last Stitch-09/02/12
  • Design Connection; Rose of Sharon, Last Stitch-11/18/12
  • Stephen Michael Gardner; Dinosaurs!, Last Stitch-10/05/13
  • Jardin Prive Positive; Thoughts, Last Stitch-12/28/13
  • Not Started   Teachers Gifts x4 - I think I have them all picked out  
  • Not Started   Cross Stitch Gold Mag / July 2012 Wizard of Oz.
  • Not Started   Penguin Stocking (I can't recall the chart name right now)
  • Not Started   Lizzie*Kate One Hundred Years
  • Not Started   Dinosaur Clock
  • Not Started   Amy Bruecken Designs, Twirl
And the even better part is that ALL of this is in my stash already and I am quite sure I have more than enough fabric to do the ones that are not kitted up already.

I am also planning on participating in a bunch of monthly stitchy group blog SALs that I hope will help me focus on my stitching and blogging.

In 2014 I will continue on with the TUSAL, IHSW, YOTA and the new version of the WIPocalypse.  Every month Measi has listed different themes for us to write about so we can all get to know the stitchers we follow a little better and I am looking forward to this twist!  This year I also plan on starting with the Turtle Trot which encourages stitchers to work on their current UFOs and WIPs. Then there is one more and I am truly excited about this one because we are being encouraged to stitch from the stash pile that we already have in our house! It is called Stitch from Stash and I hope that this one will seriously help me make a dent in my stash pile while saving me a few dollars.

So do you have any plans for your 2014 stitching? Are you joining any of the above monthly stitching groups or another one out there in the cyberspace? Do you have a list of charts you must stitch in 2014?  Let me know - I would love to see what your plans are :)


Meari said...

Good luck with your 2014 stitching goals. Quite the ambitious list, for sure. Looking forward to seeing your accomplishments.

Mary said...

Uh Oh, I think I may have to join you on the YOTA SAL & the stitch from stash. :) Love your goals for the year. Good luck and my your needle be smoking!

Vicky L said...

You are being very ambitious, lol. You will have a lot of encouragement on the way. Happy New Year!

Linda said...

Love your list of projects for the year. I too, have signed up for several of the SAL's this year.

Happy New Year,

onemore4gsus said...

You're making me dizzy with your 2014 plans! Happy New Year!

Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

What a great list you have Faith....I may join in on the Turtle Trot 2014....

Can't wait til I see your progress on these...

CJ said...

Hi Faith -

You have a big list for 2014. I am also in the Turtle Trot this year, posted my list this morning.

Happy New Year!!


Donna Pheneger said...

Looks like you'll be busy, stitching wise. I'm also stitching with the Stitch from Stash.

htimcj said...

You have a nice selection of stitching goals! I hope you make excellent progress with all of them.

Pam in IL said...

That's quite a list! The only thing I have planned is to finish the pieces I'm stitching for others. After that, I'll probably decide to stitch whatever calls out to me :)

Hope you're not snowed in. We have about 5 inches on the ground and it's still coming down. It's also very windy and blowing around.

Happy 2014!

Berly said...

Wow, that's a huge list!! You can do it though!! See my blog for my plans!