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Thursday, February 13, 2014

February WIPocalypse

It is time for the second WIPocalypse of the year and I have been pretty busy since the the last one!

But first things first...this months topic is
How many projects do you generally feel
comfortable having in progress at a time?
Tell us about your one-at-a-time
or rotation habits!

At the current time I have eleven projects in rotation. I know that is not a lot as compared to some people's rotations but for me it is A LOT. I think I would be more comfortable with between five to six in my rotation. That would probably consist of one or two large project, two medium and two small ones. When I have to many big projects in rotation I find myself getting overwhelmed with them and then I don't want to pick them up and work on them anymore! When I am working on a large project I like to work on it every other week and on the week I don't work on it I usually switch off with the other pieces in my rotation - not in any particular order unless I need something finished by a certain date. I love the satisfaction of doing small ones because I LOVE seeing finishes and they work up so quickly!

Now for the stitching since the last check in!

I had FOUR new starts since the last check in and I FINISHED THREE of them!  All of these new starts are teacher gifts that I wanted to get out of the way early so that I wouldn't be trying to frantically finish come June! My grandson has four teachers and this is his last year in this we wanted to thank everyone who helped been with him through this part of his journey as he has really thrived here and is doing work in all areas far above his grade level.  We are very proud of him and all the progress he has achieved and sincerely hope it continues throughout his school years.

Sports Balls
for the gym teacher

for the music teacher

Charmed Teacher
for the computer teacher

Charmed Teacher Sampler
for his classroom teacher

Thanks for checking out my WIPocalypse pieces
and if you want to check out other people's
WIPocalypse check-ins go here

Hope to see you next month
with lots more stitches!


wilma b said...

Faith, great job on your finishes!

sharine said...

They are looking great:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Faith

Lovely stitching!
I only have at most two on the go at once and one of those is usually a small.
Happy weekend (:

Sherry said...

love your finishes. Great topic too. I struggle with whether I should only do one at a time or go ahead and have several going at once!

Linda said...

All great pieces Faith. Congrats on getting 3 of them done.


SoCal Debbie said...

It's so nice that you stitch gifts for the teachers! They will treasure them always!

Shebafudge said...

Lovely progress and a good idea to get them stitched up now to save a last minute rush. xx

Verrucca said...

lovely work! I always have several projects going at once. I just finished a hat, which seems to be the only type of project I can actually finish in a reasonable amount of time. I have three or for cross stitch WIPs going right now, two or three knitting projects, at least three sewing projects, and four or more crochet projects. I have a teacher gift in mind for my Spanish instructor that I haven't even started yet. At least you have some sort of system. Hubby wants me to finish things before I buy materials for future projects, but it's hard for me to resist!
*HUGS* Jenn

Melinda said...

Being the parent of teachers, these are great gifts!!!! Congrats for finishing and THANK YOU FOR SHOWING APPRECIATION TOWARDS TEACHERS!!!!