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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I think that Woodstock knows what the full moon really means!

It is TUSAL time

My jar is full of blues from

I am trying to add some more colors in this week by working on
The Wizard of Oz
Hopefully I will be successful with this mission.

How is your jar doing? Is it getting filled up?
I would love to see it so leave me a message so I can check it out!!

Hope to have lots more by the next check in
which is May 28th. See ya then!!


MaryT said...

Hi Faith, I would love to do a jar but either the dog or cat would manage to break it!! I am trying to find something that they couldn't break?? any ideas??

Mary Louise in IN

Lyn said...

I copied the Snoopy cartoon to my pis. Too cute! Anyway, I have a couple of questions regarding the jar. I know the jar is meant fot the snips of thread once they are too short to use to stitch. What I wanted to know was what do you do with this jar when it is full? Where do you put it meanwhile?

Faith... said...

Lyn - at the end of the year I take all the orts out of my jar and put them in a clear Christmas ornament and write the year on it. I use my jar every day that I stitch.

AnaCristina said...

Thank you to share your jar ORTs!
Here is my TUSAL post:

The Crafty Princess said...

I love what you do with your threads at the end of the year. That's such a cool idea!
Alicia xo