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Sunday, September 07, 2014

September YOTA

YOTA day was yesterday but I slept away most of the day so I missed posting.

YOTA (normally) happens on the first Saturday of every month and it is the time when we show our stitching progress for the past month.  You can go here and find out more information about it and please feel free to sign up so we can see your monthly progress!

I have been concentrating on three main pieces lately so here is my progress on them.

First up is Dinosaurs

This is my before progress

and here is my after

Next up is The Wizard of Oz

and after

and last but not least is Stained Glass

This is my before piece

and here is how it looks now!

I plan on throwing another piece (or two) into the mix
so come back and check out what they are!

Thanks for looking and I look forward
to showing you LOTS more progress on the
next YOTA day October 4th
so see ya then :)


Pull the other thread said...

Lots of wonderful stitching. You had a very successful YOTA this month. Congrats!!!

Linda said...

Wonderful progress on all of them Faith.


Linda said...
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Justine said...

Great progress Faith! I do love that Dinosaurs piece, it's so lifelike.

Annie said...

Great progress on all of your pieces, Faith! They're all beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what you're going to add.

Anonymous said...

Hello Faith

Lovely progress on lovely wips (:

Meari said...

You've made quite a bit of progress on all of them! Good job.

Lulu said...

Wow! Great progress on all three Faith :)