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Sunday, December 21, 2014

December Stitch From Stash 

YIPPEE it is December and it is time for 
the Stitch From Stash post!

This event is being hosted by
Mel from Epic Stitching

This is the end of the year and the final report for Stitch from Stash for 2014. I must say I started this in January being a bit optimistic regarding this challenge and I am ending the year feeling very satisfied! Stitch from Stash helped me to control my spending by not just buying charts that I was interested in just or for the sake of having it, but instead really thinking about "Do I REALLY need that chart?" and most of the time, the answer was NO.  Instead I managed to save our monthly budget of $25 for Christmas shopping which really helped out where it was needed! 

This month I had a balance of $41 of our bonus money which
I used at Joann's to buy some floss I needed and a few pieces
of  fabric managed to fall into my shopping cart. I still
managed to come in under budget thanks to coupons! 

I also got the next installment in the Stoney Creek series
and they were also offering the Christmas Banners III
leaflet also for shipping only so I snagged that too
since shipping charges are exempt from our budget.

Still having lots of sick days but I am expecting them to be finished at the end of the year. I did manage to get some stitching in on The Wizard of Oz. I think I may have made a million little blue Xs but I finally finished the main page except for the back stitching which I hope to work on today.

So here is my report for:   December

Amount Spent:   $0

Year to date Amount Spent:   $0

Total Saved Based on this challenge:   $300

Bonus of $50:   Balance of $41; Spent $25 stocking up on floss and fabric.

New Starts from Stash:   No new starts for December

WIPs worked on:

Wizard of Oz
Designer Lesley Teare from the
July 2012 Cross Stitch Gold Magazine

So how did you do?
Were you able to finish out
the year within the budget?
I am looking forward to seeing how
everyone else has finished out the year!

I am proud to say...


Donna Pheneger said...

Congrats on great finish, Faith. I did pretty well too though I did buy during the year but that's ok - I bought, created and then gave it away so it didn't sit and gather dust! ;-)
Blessings and Merry Christmas, Donna bbineractive

Linda said...

Congratulations Faith and Merry Christmas.


Meari said...

Great job with SFS, Faith.

Deb said...

Budget? What budget? Not really! Have been controling my spending also.,congratulations on all the cash you saved! Well done!
Wonderful stitching!

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

I am betting that you are the only one with a $0 balance still!! GREAT job!!! :) Can't wait to follow your progress next year!

Bea said...

You did excellent! Give yourself 12 gold stars.

Merry Christmas!

Sharon said...

Way to go, Faith!!! The stitch from stash was a great experience for me too! I truly hope and pray that 2015 will be a banner year as you are hopefully healed and have many, many healthy days!! Always enjoy stopping past your blog for a visit! :)

Pamela Redfern said...

Congratulations are in order here faith! you did awesome on your stitch from stash 2014! will there be a stitch from stash 2015? I would love to join if you send me a link! you are an inspiration and I love your wizard of oz! hugs, and happy stitching Queeny