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Monday, January 26, 2015

January Stitch From Stash

Here it is
and I have joined the Stitch From Stash again!!

This time there are a few fun twists where you can actually
earn stash money so that will make it pretty interesting. 

This event is being hosted by
Mel from Epic Stitching

So here is my report for:   January

Amount Spent:   $6

Year to date Amount Spent:   $6

Amount Earned:   $8 (page finish)

Ending Balance:   $27

WIPs worked on:

Shades of Blue.
This was my page finish.
I now have 3 pages of 12 completed!

New Starts from Stash:   
Snowman Tic Tac Toe
which I purchased this month.

Also purchased from Stoney Creek
which does not count towards my budget, 
chart is FREE you only pay for the shipping charges.

I am looking forward to seeing how
everyone is doing in their first month!

See you at the end of  February
with another SFS Report!


Bea said...

This looks like a fun way to use up your stash. Since this is supposed to be my "finish WIPs" year, I should have thought about joining. We can all use a little re-enfocement for our goals, right?

Enjoying all your projects.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I'm enjoying watching your progress on shades of blue, its awesome!

Emma/Itzy said...

Well done on doing so well with this months budget!

Caitlin D said...

Great job on the January budget. Lovely new stash too!

Fay and Charlette said...

Shades of Blue is coming along great! Excellent job on SFS so far, hee, hee.

Donna Pheneger said...

Congrats on a great report - well done! You have some very pretty projects going!

Pull the other thread said...

Well done on sticking to the budget. Your stitching looks amazing and love your new charts.

Sharon said...

You have so many pretty things that you're stitching! Congrats on a page finish!! :)
Is it bad that I'm already looking forward to a "bonus" month on SFS??? Lol

Deb said...

Nice work Faith!

The Crafty Princess said...

Good luck with SFS! I may have to join this...ummm next year LOL! You're going really well xo Alicia