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Monday, September 28, 2015

September Stitch From Stash

Welcome to my neglected blog...

Sorry but I had lost my stitchy bug for a while there with the big move and settling into a new home.  I "think" it has returned, not with a vengeance but at least it is back - YAY!!

And now it is time for my
September Stitch From Stash report! 
This challenge is hosted by Mel at Epic Stitching

Here is my September report...

WIPs worked on:

The Wizard of Oz

and after

New Starts from Stash:

 Months SAL
Started and
finished in September

Spider Man
 Started and
finished in September

See you at the end of October
with another SFS Report
and hopefully more stitching!


Heather said...

Lovely progress :)

gominam said...

At least it's back, you've done quite a lot really. Lol on spidey finish,cute!

Meari said...

Kudos on your finishes, Faith. Glad to see your stitch mojo has returned, and that you're settling in nicely.

Anonymous said...


Lovely stitching, I love Spiderman!
What a great idea stitching from stash is!
Nie to read your blog and I hope your bug sticks with you!

Deb said...

Congratulations Faith. Both on you SFS and your stitchy bug return.

Rachel Tomkins said...

That's a lovely healthy SFS budget, along with two lovely finishes. Perhaps your mojo will return more if you treat yourself to something from your budget?! :)

Karen said...

Great progress! Hopefully your stitching energy will return soon--a move takes a lot out of a person.

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