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Sunday, November 29, 2015

My Sunday Stitchy Update

Well... Dorothy did not show up this week to get any work done on her; so I did a bit of sewing instead!

I experimented with making a set of place mats and napkins for the household.  The ones we have are definitely getting warn from all the washing they go through so I figured what can it hurt!  LOL  Anyways I cut and pinned and sewed and ended up with these!

Not to bad! I learned some tips and things I should do for the next time along the way so the next set should be better but these are totally functional and even look kinda cute. 

Then I decided to stitch up an Arizona Christmas tree ornament on plastic canvas for Jacob for this year as that was our "main event" moving across country to Arizona from Illinois. When I finished that one my daughter said "You should do an Illinois one too" so... back to the drawing board (or in my case PC Stitch) to draw the outline of Illinois and then I stitched it up today.

The star is supposed to be on Tucson

This star is supposed to be on Chicago

This week I hope to get them backed and hanging on the tree which Tia and Jacob put up over the weekend. They are half way finished with the Christmas decorating and will probably finish up this coming weekend. Can't wait to have a warmer Christmas this year!

Thanks for taking a peek at my stitching
see ya next week with another faithful update,
maybe Dorothy will even show up sometime this week!


Heather said...

Everything looks great! We're in the process of putting our tree up right now and putting lights outside but other than that we're done.

gominam said...

Nice sewing projects. Wonderful idea for ornies, hope to see it on the tree soon.

Rachel Tomkins said...

They are lovely items you've made this week. Well done! :)

Melinda said...

What a difference - Chicago to Tucson... So do you think you will miss the snow at all? Great Christmas Ornaments.

Bea said...

Great idea for ornaments - something to remind you of a BIG change.

Placemats and napkins look lovely.