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Sunday, April 03, 2016

My Sunday Stitchy Update

Evening Everyone!

Hope everyone had a fantastic week, Spring is in full swing here, not that we notice a big change in seasons here (but I don't mind that)! I hope that you weren't one of the people who is getting snow in April, that seems like a cruel April Fool's joke.

This week brought me some

A couple of weeks ago Ingrid of Mii Stitch stitched this piece and I commented that I loved it!  Being the kind person she is she very generously offered to send me the chart so that I could stitch it up! 

I Love A Carrot
I want to take a minute to tell her once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH! She made my day when she offered it to me and I truly appreciate it. I can't wait to squeeze it into my rotation.

The week I stitched some of the tags for the perpetual calendar I am doing.

First up
Fun Every Day
January Tag
Finished 03/31/16

Fun Every Day
Blank Left Tag
Progress as of 04/03/16

I stitched about 700 blue Xs today and have about 1,400 more to go,
I will do them next time as I am BLUE X'd OUT for now!

Thanks for taking a peek at my stitching
see ya next week with another faithful update!


Linda said...

Love the tags Faith. How nice of Ingrid to send you the chart. I to think it is adorable.


Meari said...

Cute stitchy mail! We had snow here Saturday morning. Just enough for a dusting, then it melted right away. Today, it was 70!

Bea said...

The tags are looking great. And I love the new pattern you got - it's simply adorable. Stitchers really are the most wonderful people.

Justine said...

Ingrid is such a sweetie - and that's such a cute chart she sent you! I love the idea of the stitched perpetual calendar but not all the blue Xs!

Rachel Tomkins said...

It's so nice when charts get passed on for somebody else to stitch and followers to enjoy again. Soda Stitch designs are certainly fun to do. Lovely tags too. Hopefully it won't be too long before you're in another "blue" mood. :)

Brigitte said...

So nice of Ingrid to send you this sweet chart.
Nice progress pictures of Fun Every Day, you have done a lot of stitching.

Donna Pheneger said...

Your tags are really cute - such a great idea for luggage and such!
A nd a cute new pattern! Lucky you!
Blessings, Donna

Sandie said...

Loving the tag series of stitches. Nice idea. Soda Stitch are a company I've just found - got a couple of them on my wish list now too!

Mii Stitch said...

I love those little tags!!!
Glad the chart has landed safely through your letterbox.
Have fun stitching this cutie :)

Deb said...

What an adorable pattern. I have three soda stitch to do sometime in the far flung future, lol.
Love your tags!

gominam said...

Adorable tags. That's so sweet of her, looking forward seeing the cute Soda in your rotation. Have fun!

Loretta Oliver said...

Love those little tags! so cute :)

Melinda said...

Well here I am up here in Central New York and yes we did get the 6 inches of snow - not too much for winter, but way too much for April and today we woke up to 10 (F). Cold!!!! Love to see your progress on the calendar. What a great gift, looks like it will be a fun stitch.

Heather said...

Nice progress I love the new chart :). I didn't have snow but my parents did