Thursday, May 19, 2016

Puzzle Time

Hi Everyone! :)

I thought I would share my puzzle finish with you.
Yesterday I finished this Star Wars puzzle that my son picked up at a yard sale

As you can see; it doesn't always pay to get a "used" puzzle. If the missing piece was along the border or near the bottom we might have been able to fudge it a little but with it being right in the middle there is no way.

Time to pack it up and
move on to the next puzzle!


Bea said...

What a super puzzle! But BOO, HISS to the missing piece. It's so obvious, which is a real shame.

Linda said...

If your going to glue the puzzle together maybe you can sorta paint the space a little or something. I'm bad, I don't buy used ones. Walmart has a lot of great ones, but my favorites are Springbok brand.


diamondc said...

Nice puzzle I love putting puzzles together.


Melinda said...

Yes but it is a great puzzle. My mom always said "the missing piece is always the last piece" and it took me years to figure out how she knew that

gominam said...

It's still nice. Just tell onlookers that the missing piece is in a galaxy far far away, lol.

Heather said...

It's still a cool puzzle :). There's one culture who always has a piece missing out of their mosaics or one that's broken because only God can make things perfect :)

Loretta Oliver said...

Oh no! :-o

Brigitte said...

It looks great anyway.

Kaisievic said...

Yes, I agree with Brigitte, looks pretty good to me.