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Saturday, March 04, 2017


I finished a puzzle called Clue, A Mystery Puzzle.

Well let me tell you, it was the worst clue I ever heard of. It comes with a short story in a booklet which gives the background of the people in the game. Of course the box does not show a picture of the solution so I got to work on the puzzle.

A Mystery Puzzle
A Ghostly Murder

This is the box top

This is the puzzle solution 
First Piece - 02/28/17
Last Piece - 03/03/17
Piece Count - 500
minus one missing piece!

Now I don't know about you BUT I expected to see who the murderer was at this point. I looked in the booklet again but I still couldn't figure it out.  Very frustrating!

So now I read the "secret" message with the special magnifying glass so I could see what the answer was.  They said the wedding ring on the feather duster was the biggest clue and was planted there to throw the other suspects off. Well I looked at the puzzle and looked and couldn't see the ring, let along the feather duster!  LOL  I finally found it and circled it below.
Do you see the ring?
It is extremely hard to see even looking at the puzzle.

The killer ended up being Professor Plum because he was late to the meeting and therefore did not know that Ms. White and Mr. Black were never married or romantically involved.

Talk about a lame story and lame clues. Ha Ha

I am soooo glad this puzzle is finished and now I can put it (even with it's missing piece) back in the box and put it in the go back to the store pile.

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Linda said...

Your braver than me Faith. I wouldn't even attempt a puzzle like this. Do you have a store where you can trade puzzles? That would be awesome.


Only thing with puzzles is I don't get any stitching done.

Brigitte said...

Somehow the story sounds a bit lame, really. but the idea of a mystery puzzle doesn't sound bad.

Heather said...

Great premise...bad story lol