Sunday, December 31, 2017

My Sunday Stitchy Update 12/31/17

I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas and that Santa brought you all you wanted, provided you were on the "good" list!

Our Christmas was wonderful. Jacob was a very happy and surprised little boy and he must have been really good because he received tons of good stuff.

These are of Jacob and I even managed to sneak in one of Matt and Tia

Seems I was pretty good too!
I received new Eeyores, stitchy stuff,
puzzle stuff and new bedding!

 This is Jacob making us an
apple pie on Christmas Eve

Jacob took some of his Christmas money and bought
himself a ukulele and is teaching himself to play.

In other news... there has not been much stitching going on here. I was busy going through my fabric stash and made sure I had some pieces in the sizes I need to get a "few" more starts into the WIP pile.  I joined Stitch from Stash 2018 (Jan-June) on Facebook and wanted to see what pieces I could plan without buying any new fabric! I will have a budget of $20 per month which shouldn't be hard for me to accomplish since I have LOTS of stash! Hopefully I won't buy to many minders! LOL

I did manage to get the Xs all stitched on Day 12 except for the number 12. So tomorrow will be spent doing the stitching on the number and the back stitch on this piece and I guess it will be my first finish for 2018!

12 Days of Christmas
Day 12
Twelve Drummers Drumming
Designer - Margaret Sherry
First Stitch 11/27/17
Progress as of 12/31/17

I made my 2017 ORTament!

If you would like to see all my finishes
for the year you can do that here, 

In closing I would like to wish you all a very
May 2018 see all your dreams come true.

I would also like to thank you all for taking the time to read about my adventures and family and I hope to see you all again next year!

Thanks for stopping by,
see ya next time!


Brigitte said...

It seems your sweet grandson had a wonderful Christmas and was spoilt rotten :)))) And you, too :)))
Happy New Year, Faith, to you and your family. And have a lot of stitching fun in 2018.

Mary said...

I love your idea of saving your orts to display in a clear Christmas ornament, I'm going to have one for 2018!! You all must have been good this year, lots of lovely gifts and I'm so impressed Jacob bought himself and Uke and is teaching himself to play. My niece taught herself and has a lot of fun with it. Have a Happy New Year!!! Mary

Linda said...

Great pics of the family Faith. Love your ORTament. 12 Days looks great.

Happy New Year,

diamondc said...

Happy New Year Faith and Family: Love the family photos, I hope he does well with the ukulele.
Santa was good to us here in the Laurent home also.
Great projects last year, you were very productive.


Justine said...

Happy New Year Faith! Lovely to see the photos of your family at Christmas. Your Grandson must have been very good! My elder son received a harmonica for Christmas and has taught himself a couple of tunes already. Well done Jacob for learning the ukulele.

Lili said...

Wonderful family photos, Faith!
That apple pie looks yummy!

How nice progress on the drum design! Now we know that is a dog!
The ort ornament is so cute!

Good luck with the "stitch from stash" (it is so

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Katie said...

What a fun Christmas. Organizing stash sure takes our stitching time doesn't it haha. But you need to know what you have so you don't buy more. I hope you have a fantastic 2018!

RJ said...

Happy New Year Faith! Looks like your family had a great Christmas. Your grandson is adorable and I love that he bought his own instrument. That means he really wants to learn how to play it. You all did great with gifts from Santa...I guess you were all good girls and boys.

Your stitch is coming along great. No more needle minders...I don't believe it. LOL!!! You do pick the best ones. RJ

Rachel said...

Congratulations on a successful year of stitching and puzzling, especially persevering with some of the Margaret Sherry pieces which came with f**gs attached! Here's wishing you a healthy, happy and stitchy 2018. :)

Kaisievic said...

Merry Christmas, Faith - it looks like you had a lovely one with your family.

Bethan said...

It looks like you had a lovely Christmas with your family! Happy New Year x