Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Puzzling Wednesday 01/31/18

Just a quick puzzle update!

I started this puzzle thinking I would be able to get it finished before January 29th but it was not to be! This puzzle proved to be more difficult than I expected.

Afternoon in Tuscany
Gallery Series
Mega Puzzles

This is the box top 

and this is as far as I got.
Piece Count - 1,000
Used Puzzle
First Piece 01/21/18

This puzzle is pretty cool because the pieces are wooden! I have never seen one like this before except for little kid puzzles. 

I have put this puzzle away in it's roll up mat to start another.

Monday January 29th was National Puzzle Day! I belong to a few puzzle groups on Facebook and they were talking about "The 2018 Global Jigsaw Jubilee" so of course I wondered what is this? I looked into it and found that is is a group of Puzzlers that enjoy putting together puzzles.  I requested membership and they accepted me... whohoo. It is not really a competition but just a fun time where we put together puzzles of 1,200 pieces of more for three months and post progress pictures. We can win puzzles but it is mainly for fun so I needed to be ready for the start of the Jubilee so I ended up putting away this puzzle.

Anyways... I had already decided to start my first ever 3,000 piece puzzle with another friend and fellow stitcher, Deb H as a Puzzle-A-Long on January 1st and she agreed to push back the date for me. 

This is the picture of the boxtop. 

North American Skyline
Artist - Maria Rabinky
 Piece Count - 3,000
Size 48 x 32
Used Puzzle
First Piece 01/29/18

Once I actually opened the box I has second thoughts but then I figured it is just a puzzle with tons of pieces so I can do will just take LONGER! ha ha 

I got the border all put together and it is massive! The puzzle size is 48 x 32 and it is taking up my ENTIRE workspace! Here it is and now I will start on the "insides" this evening as soon as I finish sorting it which I am almost finished with.  I will be posting pictures of my progress along the way.

WISH ME LUCK, I think I will need it! LOL
Thanks for stopping by,
see ya next time!


Linda said...

That sounds like so much fun Faith. I don't have anywhere in the house to work on a puzzle. The biggest I've done is 2000 pieces.


RJ said...

You are the BEST puzzle maker I know Faith. You can do it!!! It is going to be so much fun and you are going to do great. I'll be rooting you on the whole way. GO FAITH!!! RJ

Megan Joelle said...

I like the look of the wooden pieces... they be nice to put together :D WOW, 3000 pieces is mammoth! Goodluck!

Mary said...

Faith, 3000 pieces??? I never knew they made puzzles with so many pieces and didn't know that they came in wood too. Your internet group sounds like fun!! I LOVE the scene you are working on now, love sunflowers and it's such a pretty picture. Good luck with your project!!

Katie said...

Too cool to have wooden pieces. I bet that was fun. Your new puzzle is insane haha. Good luck!

Lili said...

Afternoon in Tuscany puzzle is gorgeous! Hope to see that finished!
Wow! 3000 pieces! And the puzzle is also amazing! Good luck with that puzzle and have fun!

Happy weekend!

Brigitte said...

Wow, 3000 pieces sound like a real challenge. And you are right - it's huuuuuge. Have fun with it.