Sunday, March 18, 2018

My Sunday Stitchy Update 03/18/18

Hello friends!

This week was hermitting week but I didn't get to much hermitting in today but I did manage some!
You can sign up to hermit with either the blog group or on Facebook or both!

The next lucky piece to make it out of the WIP Box is something I haven't touched in two years.

This first picture is where it was when I left off 2016

Full Bloom
Designer - Cross-Stitch-Art
Progress as of 01/17/16

and here it is now!
Progress as of 03/18/18

I didn't get as much stitched as I planned but I think I always have bigger stitching plans than I actually stitch! 

I already peeked at the next piece and it is of prehistoric quality! I think Justine may like it as she has been reminding me about it! 😉

Thanks for taking a peek at my stitching
see ya next week with another faithful update!


Brigitte said...

Great progress on this beautiful piece, Faith.

Linda said...

Awesome progress Faith. I should pull out a UFO to work on one day a week. It would only take a hundred years to work on all of them. lol


Justine said...

Hurray it's time for the dinosaurs! You did promise it would be March but I feel as if I've been waiting for a long time 😉 You made awesome progress last week, now let's see what you can do this week!

RJ said...

I think you made great progress Faith. I love the colors in this stitch. You are really keeping to your promise. Great job! RJ

Katie said...

Beautiful progress. Good luck with your next pick.

Rachel said...

That's a lovely design but I must say I'm looking forward to seeing the dinosaurs next week. :)

Lili said...

You did a great progress on this piece! And it is very pretty!
I'm curious about your next project! :)

Carol said...

Lovely progress, Faith--I do love the combination of purples and greens in this one!

Mary said...

The design is lovely and I love the colors of this piece. Now, what is your next project??

Megan Joelle said...

The purples and greens do go well together :D

Bethan said...

That is such a gorgeous design! I'm glad you pulled it out of the box! x

Mia said...

Great progress, Faith. It already seems beautiful! Kisses, my friend.