Friday, January 11, 2019

An SAL with a Twist!

Well Stitchers we all know that when we finish stitching something that we have a dream. The dream is of finishing the piece off into "something" but in reality we know that we will take it and put it in "The Box" to be completed later!

Fellow Friend, Blogger and great Stitcher Rachel doesn't want you to put your stitched pieces in "The Box" anymore! She wants you to complete it into something! Whether you frame it and hang it, make it into a pillow, an ornament, a banner or whatever she just WANTS TO SEE IT DONE!

Because she wants to see your finished piece she is starting a new SAL! Here is where the twist comes in; this SAL will consist of showing your fully finished pieces for all to see. It sounds like an interesting idea and I think it will help encourage us to get those pieces out of the box and on to our finishing table!

I am looking forward to this SAL and hoping it helps me get some things finished off while giving me ideas for other stitched pieces.

To read more about this exciting SAL that will encourage Stitchers to get more
Fully Finished Objects in our homes check out her post here.

Hope to see your pieces in the Fully-Finished Gallery beginning February 10th!


Rachel said...

Thank you for promoting my new SAL with such enthusiasm! Looking forward to seeing you there with your finished 'somethings'!

Katie said...

I can't wait for this one. I need the kick in the bum to get my pieces finished!

RJ said...

I will check this out Faith. RJ

Astrids dragon said...

I really need to join this one, I've gotten several done already!