Sunday, September 24, 2023

My Sunday Stitchy Update 09/24/23

Happy Fall Everyone! 

I hope that everybody that likes cooler weather is excited for the change of seasons. I really love summer but I think my favorite season is really spring. It is the time that the weather starts to warm up again but we don't have extreme heat. What is your favorite season? 

This week I continued to stitch Boo Banner. I would love for it to be ready for Halloween and I think if I only concentrate on this one then I can finish it. This piece called for Rainbow Blending thread and I haven't really used them before. They took a little getting used to but they do add a pretty little sparkle to the piece. I don't know if you can see the sparkles or not but they are the green and purple stitches on the sleeve and hat of the witches outfit. 

Boo Banner
Progress 09/23/23

So because I am hoping to finish it by Halloween it will of course be staying out again and probably until I finish it. Wish me luck!! 

I hope you have a great week and
thanks so much for stopping by,
see you next week with another faithful update!


Cathy said...

Spring is my favorite too. All of the flowers coming up, trees in bloom. I don't mind summer either! Your Halloween piece is so cute!

Robin in Virginia said...

Boo is looking good, Faith. Fall is my favorite season followed by winter. Spring comes in third and summer is last.

Linda said...

Looks great Faith. Good luck.


Carol said...

Nice progress on this cutie, Faith! I have to say I favor summer--but only if it's not humid. We had a great one here this year. Now, it's already too cold for me--highs in the mid 60s today :(

MartinaM said...

My favorite time is actually summer, warm and bright. But I also really like autumn, with its wonderful colors, and spring, when nature awakens and everything shows itself.
I hope you create a pattern by Halloween, it looks great already.
Happy Stitching.

Mylene said...

Spring is my favorite too..with all the beautiful flowers around, especially the Tulips.
Goodluck on Boo Banner, it is looking good.

Katie said...

I've loved watching this one grow. Beautiful sparkly threads never show up well on the computer but in person I bet it's beautiful.