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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Movies and Books!

I has been a while! :) I am still here. Just busy, busy, busy!

Still reading away. On book #26 of 2010! You can follow all the titles at GoodReads (the link is in the left column). My goal is 100 for the year ;) Between reading them and listening to them ~ I think it is totally do-able!

Also we are still watching lots of movies on the weekends too... Can't say we have seen anything really spectacular lately - besides Princess and the Frog. That was a cute one!

Anyways ~ I started on a baby blanket for my brother and his
wife. They are expecting a girl in August. The blanket I am currently making is just a big granny square in two shades of green and a cream color. I picked this combination because they are both Irish. This is how much I have so far ~ not very much! But hopefully I will get a lot more finished on it this week cuz I only have a MILLION other things I would LOVE to make for the baby! LOL - now to just have ALL the time I would need to do all I want to...

Today was Easter...we had a wonderful family day :) This is my handsome grandson getting ready to go to church this morning. He is doing his superhero pose! :) His Alter-Ego, who he made
00 Dino the Super Hero! He is a Dinosaur crazy kid who has plans to be a palentologist when he grows up and he can name almost every dinosaur he sees. My daughter took him to meet a palentologist and you would have thought he was in heaven! The Palentologist was probably the best person he has ever met!

Well until the next time...take care and God bless you!


Meari said...

Your grandson looks adorable. Is he doing a He-Man pose? lol

Faith said...

Yes he is! He is super hero obsessed right now!