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Monday, January 10, 2011

Stitchy Update I am ~ gonna try this again for 2011! :)

Hopefully I will keep up with it better than last year (not that I could do much worse).

This year I am trying to get back to doing some of the stuff that I enjoy but that I have been neglecting! One of the things that I am going to start doing cross stitching again! YEA ME So I have started stitching Lizzie Kate's 12 Blessings of Christmas. I am doing them on plastic canvas so I can easily make them into ornaments for next year. So far I have Friends and Love completed

I forgot how enjoyable AND relaxing stitching is! Soooo glad I have started it again ;)
I have also been thru a bunch of books already this year. I am currently signed up for the Winter Reading program at my local library and I am a member of the Facebook group 2011 Book Lovers Reading Challenge. Feel free to join the group ~ it's open to all no matter what kind of books you read!! Right now I am just finished going thru the Lisa Gardner Quincy/Rainie series. I liked them and so now I am starting on her other series; D.D. Warren. Both of these series I listened to on CD...makes the day go quickly. Today I also started reading a Jeffery Deaver book, Edge. Haven't got to far yet...but so far; so good!
The weather is cold here in Chicagoland and we are expecting snow tonight. Not looking forward to it but that is what you get when you live in the midwest...69 Days to SPRING!
Well that is all for now...have a blessed week and I'll see you next week!

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Mary Ivancicts said...

Nice finishes Faith!!!

69 days to Spring, I'm just getting into Winter, but that's ok Spring is a favorite, don't like Summer!

Didn't even start reading yet this year, I better get a move on