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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekly Update

Wellllll...Another week has gone by and I am back!

Forgot to mention that for the new year I rejoined Weight Watchers... I am attempting to do it online. Not sure if that is going to be a good way to do it or not but I am going to give it a try. They really changed their program recently so I have to learn it all over again. My daughter; Tia is doing it also so we can support each other with this. WISH US LUCK I need to drop AT LEAST 30 pounds but would like to lose 40. This week I lost another 0.6 for a total of 2.6 since the beginning of the year.

This week I am still listening to Lisa Gardner books...I heard the 4 books in the DD Warren Series. They were Alone, Hide, The Neighbor and Live to Tell. At the same time I am reading Jeffery Deaver's Edge on the train on the way back and forth to work. I REALLY like EDGE and would recommend it. To see what books are about or to read a little about fiction authors I use a site called Fantastic Fiction. This site is REALLY a big help to me and has added hundreds of books to my "must read" list!

Winter is here ~ bah humbug! Tuesday is started snowing EARLY in the morning and kept on snowing until sometime Wednesday! I *think* I was born in the wrong part of the country because I LOVE the warm, ok not warm...but the HOT weather!!! I would love to move to a much HOTTER state one day

Still stitching on the L*K Blessings. This week I finished Hope, Charity, Joy and started Song. I don't have one color for Song so darn it...looks like I have to go to Joann's to go shopping! Wishing now I hadn't stitched them on white cuz some of the stitching is hard to see. Hopefully when I get them finished you can see the white a bit better. Anyways here they are... ;P

This week we watched Alpha and Omega (kid movie - cute), Case 39 (great) Despicable Me (another cute kiddo movie) and Flipped (very cute) on DVD and a Lifetime Movie Bond of Silence (good).

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Berly said...

Good luck with WW! I'm waiting until we get our income tax refund and then joining the Riverside Health & Fitness Center. Until then, I walk the mall every day that I'm not working. Stitching looks great!