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Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekly Update

The weather here this week is COLD and UGLY! Friday the windchill was beyond cold! I am patiently waiting for Spring to get here...then when it gets here I will be waiting for SUMMER!

Saturday we took Jacob to Lowes. They have free projects there for the kids to make and take once or twice a month. This week he made a ball toss. He enjoys making the crafts and this one was actually something he could play with. Here he is in building action!

Then I had to go to Michael's cuz I needed some floss for my L*Ks along with some other little odds and ends ;) I am so DISAPPOINTED with these craft stores! It seems as though NOBODY carries cross stitch stuff anymore; they have one little aisle for cross stitch supplies and it is all the way in the back of the store in a "forgotten" corner; oh I guess I should be grateful that they still have floss!

Anyways...I did get the floss I needed so I stitched up a some more of the L*K's. I finished Song and Giving and Caring.

Couple more weeks they should all be finished. I am missing the last two; Home and Peace and have them on order at the LNS and hope to pick them up this Saturday. Haven't been to a LNS in a LONG TIME so it should be fun...I can't wait!

This week I also started on the Monthly SAL from San-Man - didn't get to far on it BUT at least it is started!

This week in the movie department we watched Tortilla Soup (cute) and The Cure (excellant and recommended). We also watched something on Lifetime Movie Network Confined (it was just ok...) For our family movie Jacob picked Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole which I don't think he watched one minute of and neither did anyone else! Needless to say...not recommended!!

This week I listened to two more books by Lisa Gardner. They were The Other Daughter and Survivors Club. They were both pretty good ~ like Survivors Club the best out of the two. I also finished The Edge; which was great and start another Lee Child book Persuader..gotta love that Joe Reacher!

Almost forgot...I had a good week this week lost 1.8 this week! YIPPEE!! :)
Thanks for stopping by...have a blessed week and I will see ya next time!

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