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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly Update

This week I went shopping at a cross stitch store. I usually order online from Inspired Needle but decided to drive over there this time to pick up my order. Oh I am SO GLAD that I did! I love the shop and it is much closer to my home than I thought! I am ALREADY planning my next visit! The only problem is that it ended up costing me ALOT more money than it would have getting the order mailed like I normally do! LOL

Here is what I picked up on this visit
The charts I got are Whispered by the Wind, Sonata; Hinzeit, Wordplay Warm/Wish; SamSarah, Egg Delivery; and a bunch of Lizzie*Kate charts ~ The last two of the Christmas Blessings I needed which were Home and Peace, also picked up Cleaning the House, Live Simply and the ABCs of Parenting.

I also got a Buddy Case for my pins and needles, a pack of pins and a new needle tugger because my other one got lost somehow! It was so fun shopping in person and plan on going again soon...since now I need to get a piece of fabric for the ABCs of Parenting! Can't wait to start that one!

Now for the fun (not) part! We are under a BLIZZARD watch from now until Wednesday! YUCKO! They are predicting snow for the next few days with accumulations of 8 to 24 inches. Sounds like FUN doesn't it! I just keep counting the days until of today it is 49 days YIPPEE! I will be so HAPPY when it gets here :)

Didn't do so good in the loss department this week. As a matter of fact everything I lost last week found its way back this week. But at least I KNOW what the problem is so I can correct it this week. Last week I did not journal my meals one day and ate out EVERYDAY at work for lunch. I know that I shouldn't eat all that fast food but sometimes I don't know what happens; but I will definelty do better this week.

This week I finished Lee Child's book The Pursuader and I am getting ready to start The Enemy by the same author. Last week I listened to Tess Gerritson's The Surgeon. It was ok...this was the first book in the series so I have hope that the rest will get better as I go along (I hope so anyway)!

This week we watched Mrs. Miracle (cute) and for the family movie we watched Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue.

Not much accomplished in the stitching department this week. I have been playing iAssociate2 on the iPhone and I get caught up in it and it took up way to much of my free time.

So... how was your week?? :)

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