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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Liebster Award :)

I have been awarded the
Liebster Award again ;) 

This time I was given the award by my long time internet friend Shelleen!  Her blog Queen Stitcher is always an interesting read as she chronicles her adventures in stitching and beading and tracks the books she reads and her favorite TV shows. 

I have already awarded this award to 5 bloggers and listed 5 random facts about my life but I thought this time I would list five random stitchy facts about myself ;)

1.  I taught myself to stitch when I was going thru a blue period in my life...I went to Michael's and walked around looking for something to occupy my mind and the cross stitch section caught my eye and I have been hooked ever since.

2.  I CAN NOT stitch on linen ~ I don't like the way it lines up and it is VERY frustrating.  I also don't like stitching over two, it requires to much concentration...I would rather stitch over one anytime!

3.  I do not know how to stitch specialty stitches... I want to learn - just have to work up the nerve and find a good tutorial or video on YouTube or you know one I can use??

4.  I have lots of finishes that are not finished!  They are put "away for safe keeping" in totes or drawers!  I guess I should get busy and get stuff framed and up on the walls ;)  one of these days!

5.  Like most cross stitchers I am sure...I have WAY MORE STASH (I love geometric type designs and can't help but to buy them!) than I will ever be able to stitch even if I retire today and spend all day stitching BUT I do not let that deter me from buying MORE!

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Shaunterria Owens said...

Congratulations on getting a Liebster award - I have a baby stash right now, but I am working hard at making it full- grown :)