Thursday, April 19, 2012

WIPocalypse April Update

Well imagine that... I have been busy surfing from blog to blog looking at everybody's April update and I failed to post my own update!  Oops...better late than never I guess. 

I stitched a bit on a couple of pieces since the March update and here they are.

First up was Janlynn's Bathtime Rules.
This is before
And this is after!

 Next up was a fun piece for my grandson ~ Lizzie*Kate's Dude from It's A Boy Thing
It was so much fun ~ I finished it! :)
and now I am CONCENTRATING on Lizzie*Kate's One Hundred YearsI am trying to finish this before moving on to another piece because I need it for a gift!
Here is the before...

and this is after. 
I have more stitched on it but
I did not take a new picture yet. 

Hopefully this weekend for my weekly update :)


Shelleen said...

You have made great progresses.

Cindy said...

Great progress on all your stitching. Love DUDE. When will you be working on the dinosaurs again?