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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thready Thursday...

I am taking an online sewing class at
and last week's class was
They suggested making a burp cloth or two but I have no need for those so I figured I would dress up some plain kitchen towels with a colorful panel.
Here are the towels and the fabric I plan on using
First I cut out the three panels
and then I sewed them on the front of the towels

 I sewed them at different heights because I thought they looked more interesting that way.
and this is the finished product!
I didn't stop there though...
I needed a new cover for a q-snap I found while "organizing" my stash
I found this tutorial and thought
and it was ;)
So I got out this fabric and elastic and got to work.
I needed it to fit an 11" x 11" frame so
my fabric is 45" x 7" 
made a hem of a half inch on each side
(I folded it in a 1/2" and then did it again)
 then cut 2 pieces of elastic -
I folded the fabric in half and used that
plus another inch for the length of the elastic
then I threaded through the elastic through
the hem and sewed the elastic to
the fabric to secure it on both ends
sew a seam to join the two ends together
and VIOLA it is a q-snap cover!!
 Thanks for taking a peek at my sewing!


Bea said...

Well done Faith! Useful and attractive - you're off to a great start.

SoCal Debbie said...

Oh your Q-snap cover is fantastic! Thank you for the link to the tutorial!

Mii Stitch said...

Wow! That's it, you're on a roll & we won't stop you :D Becoming a whizz with your new toy (sewing machine)... Putting me to shame :P

Shanda said...

Great job!! Oh just think of all the Qsnap covers you can make now!!

Anne said...

Your crafts are just wonderful. Great idea to add some colour to the towels. Thanks for the link the tut for cover. :) Happy Sewing!!

Emma/Itzy said...

Great sewing! The band of colour to the towels really adds something :)

Anonymous said...


just found you!
Your sewing is lovely!

Nancy in IL said...

Sewing right along, Faith! It looks great too! I love your Q-Snap. Do you really love purple? REALLY? I couldn't tell. :-)

Meari said...

Both projects look great, Faith!

Vickie said...

Looks great!!!!!