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Thursday, February 27, 2014

February Stitch From Stash 

It is time for the February Stitch from Stash post and I am still very excited about this challenge!

This month I did get two new charts from Stoney Creek and both of the charts were priced at ZERO! You have to buy it in the month it is offered and I bought one at the end of January (after the last report date) and the next one in February.

They are the Pattern of the Month series and all you have to pay is shipping and that is excluded from the budget!  YAY ME!  I was VERY tempted to buy a few things during the Nashville Market weekend but in the end I decided that I really didn't want need the charts I was drooling over at this time and I threw them on my wishlist instead and I will see how I feel about them at a later date.

So here is my report for February:

Amount Spent:   $0

New Starts from Stash:  3 new starts (and finishes) from my existing stash


Charmed Teacher

Charmed Teacher Sampler

WIPs or UFOs worked on: 1 worked on (and finished) from WIP pile

Positive Thoughts
The line of stitching across the bottom really is straight!  I guess I didn't smooth it out for the picture.

How did you do in your stash spending?  Did you stay away from stash buying? If not I hope you were able to stay within your budget!!

So now on to March, I hope I can make it another successful month of no purchases!  So please stop by at the end of March to see if I am still staying with in my budget and still Stitching from my Stash! 


sharine said...

You done very well:)

diamondc said...

Good job nice patterns just for the shipping.


Vicky L said...

Great job Faith! I am collecting the Stoney Creek monthly series too. I like this one.

Lesleyanne Smith said...

Great deal with the patterns, this month I spent Zero on my SFS budget.

I love your Positive Thoughts, it looks great. :)

Anonymous said...

You are doing very well!
Lovely stitching progress too.
Happy weekend (:

Meari said...

I've contemplated getting those charts. I thought shipping charges counted toward SFS? At least I've been including them. Maybe I need to find out for sure!

You've been stitching up such a storm. I'm so envious!