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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday's Words

I haven't blogged about my reading in a while... I had LOST my reading mojo sitting around the house all day. Instead I got caught up in watching stupid daytime TV - talk shows, judge shows and oh yes - PLEASE don't forget...who in the world is the BABY DADDY shows.  He has to be the daddy - hello they both have two eyes, two ears, a nose and a mouth! What other proof do you need!  LOL

Anyways...I am gradually getting back into reading and listening to books and realized I have missed it!

I just finished the newest Alex Cross audio book by James Patterson, Cross My Heart.  I loved the book as I was listening to it and then it came to an abrupt ending!  Did not solve the crime and I must say it left me a bit mad! Seems to me like I got half a book and like Mr. Patterson is trying to guarantee sales for his next book where the crimes against his family will be solved.  I would love to say "I quit, I am not reading that book because of this" but let me be honest...I will be there when the next book comes out!  LOL

I think the next book on the iPod is going to be Gillian Flynn's book Sharp Objects.

On my kindle I recently finished Scott Turow's first book in the Kindle County series, Presumed Innocence and LOVED it!  I have since started the next book in the series The Burden of Proof but I usually read when I lay down to go to sleep and yup - I fall asleep holding the kindle every night before I get to far.

I recently received an interesting email from Amazon (my FAVORITE shopping place) that listed a bucket list of the top 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime. Browsing the list I see quite a few I have read already but now I think I may look a little deeper into the list and add a few more to my list.  Are there any on that list that you have read and can recommend or maybe say - terrible book...don't bother?

Anyways - if you would like to follow me on Goodreads or FictFact (user name FaithNchls) - please feel free to add me to your friend list; I always like to see what other people are reading!

So...what are you reading?


Michele Hebson said...

(rollseyes) just thinking about all the "reality" shows on tv these days makes my head hurt. It doesn't matter what time of day it is. The drama is ridiculous! And not entertaining but sad....sad that there are people out there that ARE entertained by it all.

Ya know, it's been a good while since I sat down and read a good book, The last series I bought was The Da Vinci Code and I need to finish them. I like the movies but I like getting more of the story from the books. (i.e.: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter...) The books are so much more better!

Meari said...

I listen to a lot of audiobooks during my commute to/from work and on my lunch hour while I stitch. I can usually figure out who did it after listening to so many, lol. I get all mine from the library. They even have them on mp3 players.

lbedmisten said...

Currently reading The Monuments Men. Wanted to read it before seeing the movie but as I read it makes me think I need a notebook to take notes. I do find it interesting but it may be a while before it gets done.

On my reader I have most of my Nora Roberts collection loaded. I'm currently re-reading The Winning Hand in the MacGregor series.