Monday, July 17, 2017

My Sunday Stitchy Update 07/18/17

though technically it is now Monday!

I seem to be running late on all things - stitching and blogging; but I guess we all have those days (or weeks)!

This week weather wise, we have broken our 100 degree streak and monsoon season has started! These are the rainiest months here in Arizona and they can also be very dangerous. The sky will just open up and rain will pour fiercely and then all of a sudden it just stops. Doesn't trickle or drizzle to a start or stop, it is almost like someone turns on or off a faucet. Yesterday tragedy struck a family that was having a birthday party at a swimming hole and nine members of the family were swept away to their death. I guess where they were they could not hear the warnings. Here in my city roads are constantly being closed due to flooding and the water gets as high as six feet! Luckily for us our neighborhood has not flooded like that since we have been here!

On the stitchy front I have a FINISH, finally!

12 Days of Christmas
Day 7
Seven Swans A Swimming
Designer - Margaret Sherry
First Stitch 07/03/17
Last Stitch 07/17/17

I think the Swan turned out pretty cute! Every ornament in this series is cuter than the previous one! 

I also have a puzzle finish!

Lost in the Woodies
Artist - Charles Wysocki
Buffalo Games
First Piece - 07/07/17
Last Piece - 07/14/17
Piece Count - 1,000
Size 27 x 20

This was a nice one. Jacob picked out this one to work on from the massive pile because it was Independence Day and it has all those flags in it. I always wanted to stitch a Charles Wysocki piece so I guess this is the next best thing!

Thank you to all what took time to suggest different editors. I have been "experimenting" with them and so far I think I am finding Pixlr the easiest to work with. If anyone else is looking for a quick and simple editor I suggest that you check it out! Don't even have to download anything which is nice; it is all done right online. Thanks Lili for this suggestion!! 

Thanks for taking a peek at my stitching
see ya next week with another faithful update!


RJ said...

Hi Faith,
Stopping in to say hi. We are on a two month trip and this is the first day I was able to use the computer for a length of time. We have been to Mississippi, Texas, New Mexico and now we are enjoying Colorado for 10 days.

I will stop by to see you as often as I can. I was so sorry to hear about the family at the birthday party. That is so sad. I will keep them in my prayers,

Your new stitch is coming along great. You are doing a wonderful job. Happy stitching. RJ

Pull the other thread said...

Oh my goodness what a terrible thing to happen to that poor family! Such a sad event. Hopefully there won't be anymore similar stories, stay safe!

Your stitching is lovely, well done on your finish.

Mary said...

Hi Faith, Your latest stitch is adorable and what an accomplishment on the puzzle!! I cant' imagine the patience!!

The story about the family getting caught up in the flooding was heartbreaking.

Stay safe in those monsoon rains. Mary

Rhona said...

Such a sad to hear. Stay safe.

I love your stitching, Margaret Sherry's designs are always wonderful.

Linda said...

Congrats on the adorable finish Faith. Love your puzzle. I have lots of Charles Wysocki XS kits.


Donna Pheneger said...

Love your Swan (for some reason, I said goose at one time) - and the tube he's using!

The Crafty Princess said...

Such a tragedy that poor family. I'm glad you're safe though, please stay that way.

I love love love the Swan. It is so quirky and cool.
Congrats on your little finish which is a big thing.
xo Alicia

Lili said...

You are welcome, Faith. Glad that you like the photo editor.

Such a sad...

The swan is really beautiful!
Be safe!


Meari said...

I heard about the family and flash flood. It was on the news up here. So sad.

Congrats on your finish!

I use Pixlr when I don't have access to my laptop/Photoshop. A nice collage maker is PicMonkey.

Brigitte said...

We have read about that tragedy that happened in Arizona. So sad that a fun day ended like this. It seems to be a very dangerous season in your region.
Such a funny little swan that Margaret Sherry designed. Great finish, Faith.
There are some nice cross stitch design after the artwork of Charles Wysocki. I have two of them but haven't started any of it. Maybe I should :))