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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Blacktail Ponds, WY

This puzzle has beautiful scenery. Looks so peaceful unless you are trying to put the pieces together in those stones! LOL  They were pretty aggravating but I finally got them together.

Blacktail Ponds, WY
Piece Count - 1,000
Size - 19 x 26.75
Used Puzzle
First Piece - 08/11/17
Last Piece - 08/30/17

Please excuse my picture taking skills when it comes to the puzzles. I am not tall enough to take a picture over the table but I do what I can - LOL!

I guess this is a pretty old puzzle because while I could find a lot of puzzles by RoseArt/Kodacolor I couldn't find any information regarding a website for them. I did get it at the Goodwill where I love to shop for puzzles because they are cheap (usually less than $2) and then I just donate them or sell them to the used bookstore after I finish them. You just have to be aware that you will be missing pieces occasionally. Surprisingly I have not had a lot of missing pieces! 

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RJ said...

Faith you are right...this puzzle has a very peaceful feeling. I like it very much. Have you ever thought of framing one of your puzzles? My Mom used to do that and they came out very nice.

You are great at doing these and I always enjoy seeing which ones you have picked. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Brigitte said...

I would do this puzzle just because I love the landscape in the picture. Great.

Linda said...

Great puzzle Faith. I just finished a puzzle (brand new) and I'm missing 3 pieces. I'm sure the kittens ran away with them.


diamondc said...

Faith: I find when doing puzzles that they relax me but sometimes I think why did I start this, I can see in the pebbles that it would be a challenge.


Lili said...

This one is very pretty! Great job! Love the stones!
Since is a old puzzle just keep it and get a pretty frame :)